Studying an LL.B. at IE University provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and training needed to have an impact in the world either in the public or private sector.

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is aimed at individuals with a strong sense of fairness, who want to create a more harmonious and just world. Studying an LL.B. at IE University provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and training needed to have an impact in the world either in the public or private sector. Our IEU law degree opens the door to a variety of legal careers, but it also gives you an excellent springboard into a wide range of other professions.

We had the privilege of speaking to Soledad Atienza, Director of the LL.B. program, to discuss what makes this undergraduate program so unique.

Soledad Atienza

What does it mean to study a Bachelor of Laws at IE University?

This bachelor trains students who want to practice law on an international scale in cross-border transactions. The first two years are focused on the fundamentals, both in the Civil and Common Law traditions. By using comparative methodologies, the degree gives you a strong foundation in law, in the public as well as in the private field, and it has a strong emphasis on European Union Law. Upon completing the first two years, students have the opportunity to choose a concentration; global law, business law, European Union law, international relations, or even business management.

What makes IEU’s LL.B. unique?

The combination of our international approach to the study of law and IEU’s active teaching methodology makes this program truly unique.

Our law program trains students to become lawyers in a globalized society. Our graduates have a clear understanding of different legal systems and have the capacity to understand and solve complex legal problems in transnational deals.

In the LL.B., we use an active teaching methodology. This means that students take an active role in the learning process not only by listening and studying, but also by participating. All of the courses are interactive, making the classroom experience highly involved. Students also take part in meaningful extracurricular activities such as debates, moot courts, simulations, presentations, and other activities that require active participation.

Our Bachelor of Laws gives students the ability to create their own academic path to success. They can personalize their study with their advisor by completing elective courses, attending seminars, applying for internships, and participating in IEU Labs.

Who should pursue this degree?

The legal profession is one that provides a service to society. Law affects each and every one of us. This degree is designed for students who want to contribute to society in this way, at the local or international level. The program is very demanding and requires students to study hard. We are looking for determined, highly motivated students who are passionate about the study of law.

What kind of career path is waiting for students after graduation?

There are many opportunities for our law grads, whether it be in law firms, companies, or public practices. Graduates will be able to pursue a career at the national, European, or international level.

Our graduates can make a real impact on society as lawyers, legislators, judges, or politicians. Some examples of potential career paths include corporate lawyer for a multinational company, transnational lawyer at a global law firm, civil servant in the European Union, diplomat or a legal advisor for an NGO.

Why should people study at IEU?

IE University is the ideal place for students who seek a unique learning environment that redefines higher education. Our rich diversity gives students the opportunity to learn in an international environment where they are constantly exposed to new ideas and realities.

Our faculty members are dedicated to encouraging students to take an active role in their education. In our civil law classes, for example, professors involve students in the lesson, rather than expect them to copy down their words.

Students have to prepare before they come to class, and they have to participate in class. In class, there will be debates, simulations, and a moot court where students will be assigned a specific role to play.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us. If you would like to learn more about our Bachelor of Laws please don’t hesitate to get in touch.