IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs has a unique partnership with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) to offer Bachelor in International Relations students the opportunity to participate in UN Week. Now in its second year, it allows IE University students to conduct valuable research for the UNSCC. Not only does this aid the UNSCC in its efforts, but it equips students with practical skills such as teamwork, research and data analysis and in-depth knowledge about innovation and the UN system.

Adam Rose profile
Adam Rose

UN Week gave international relations students the opportunity to learn directly from experts on conscious negotiation, systems thinking and the essentials of project management, among other topics. The week included a series of masterclasses, lectures and a careers fair where students met top representatives from intergovernmental organizations.

Adam Rose is a final year student in the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations who took part in this year’s UN Week. We sat down with him to ask about his experience with the UN Week Masterclass.

What did you learn during UN Week?

During UN Week, I completed the UNSSC Masterclass on Project Management Essentials and it was a great complement to the general course offered through the online portal. It helped me develop a deeper understanding of the types of leadership there are, the appropriate applications, and different types of planning and decision-making to incorporate into the project based on both its directives and the composition of the team. 

United Nations Week 2023 – IE University

What would you highlight about UN Week and did it live up to your expectations?

I’ve always been curious to see what the UNSSC will offer next and the UN Week gave me a great insight into this. In both of my semesters this year, I had the opportunity to follow many UNSSC courses offered by IE University and I took advantage of all of them. 

I continue to be surprised by the array of education that the UNSSC offers, so my only expectation for learning with them was to continue enjoying unique, useful and eye-catching courses—both for me and for my future employers.

How do you think your participation in UN Week will aid you in your future career path? 

From the interviews I’ve already had, regardless of the field, the interviewers are always curious to ask about the UNSSC, its classes and what I’ve learned. They love how much it helps you learn how to communicate and work efficiently in new, fast-paced, and cosmopolitan work environments. I’m grateful for everything I learned during the experience and I’m proud to be able to tell employers I was part of the UNSSC Week at IE University. Attending a specialized masterclass will be the icing on the cake!