Organizations and leaders today value global awareness as an indispensable asset. Understanding cultural differences and how to best utilize them to heighten success is a fundamental skill to possess in our modern world.

As the next generation of game-changers, it is our time to take the wheel and steer the professional working landscape towards achieving increased efficiency across the globe. We are able to witness first-hand the advantages that working across different cultures brings and it is our chance to break down the barriers that impede this important progress.

At IE University, we understand the importance of being globally minded. We have strived to achieve a world-renowned international reputation, and as a result, our students are able to go on to become top-leading professionals around the world. From globally focused degree programs to international internship opportunities and foreign exchange programs, IE University trains students to become the international leaders of tomorrow.

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Degrees with an international focus

While all our programs at IE University have a large focus on global awareness and understanding, there are a few degrees which have been specially designed with this at the forefront of the study program. They are aimed at individuals who aspire to become top-leading professionals on a global scale and who want to make an impact at an international level.

The Bachelor in International Relations

The Bachelor in International Relations prepares students to take on roles in the public and private sectors around the globe. The program teaches students how to shape future environments by understanding the complexities behind cross-border economic, political, and social situations.

The Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations

This program not only delves into the world of business, but it also applies this knowledge to a variety of international landscapes. The Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations helps you to build a unique, international profile so you’re more than ready to become a global driver of change.

The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media equips students with the tools needed to align their creative mind with an international outlook. You will learn how to improve communication across linguistic and cultural barriers by applying your strategic thinking skills and creating meaningful ways for people to communicate across the world.

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Opportunities for an international experience at IE University

With over 130 nationalities on campus, our students are emboldened by the opportunities for improving their global awareness. Whether it’s participating in class debates, group projects, or joining clubs on campus, our students are inundated with opportunities for growth and improved understanding of other cultures.

International study abroad programs

IE University proudly boasts an extensive exchange program, with agreements with over 160 prestigious universities in 50 countries across the globe. If you wish to enrich your studies, broaden your horizons, and have once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities, then the exchange program is perfect for you.

International internships

We also offer students the opportunity to complete internships at renowned multinational organizations. This is the ideal opportunity to expand your cultural awareness while simultaneously gaining some vital work experience. Without a doubt, this will help you secure international opportunities upon graduation.

IEU Conference Club

The IEU Conference Club is one of the most popular clubs on campus at IE University. It is a fun way for you to get involved in a student-led organization and familiarize yourself with top-leading professionals from a range of sectors.

Throughout the year, you will have the chance to attend conferences where you can ask professionals any burning questions you may have about related topics. The most influential international players are invited who are always more than willing to offer their secrets into achieving professional success. In addition, it is an amazing opportunity to build your network of international professionals.

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Overall, IE University provides students with unsurpassable opportunities to grow into high-achieving professionals on a global scale. With the majority of our students receiving job offers before they even graduate, you’ll be joining the international workforce before you know it.