IEU Experience


First-year Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences student, Jad Shehadeh, is Palestinian but he grew up in Canada. We spoke to him about his IE Experience thus far and what he sees for his future.

I chose the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences because I love studying people and why they behave as they do, trying to understand the root drivers of behavioral patterns and change. However, the program offers so much more than just a classroom-based understanding of people.

Why did you choose to study at IE University?

IE University has a lot to offer and so, for me, it was an easy choice. The main reason behind my decision, though, was that IE University offers two outlooks on college life—the first being studying in Segovia. It is a small town, which means you have the opportunity to build a smaller, but truly close-knit community. 

The second is the chance to study in Madrid, which—although it goes without saying—is a much larger and more corporate-type experience. Both Segovia and Madrid are unique opportunities in their own ways, so I feel as though I’m getting the best of both worlds.

What drew you to the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences? 

I am interested in people and why they behave the way in which they do. But more than that, I knew that the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences would open me up to a lot of career path options after graduation. 

In particular, the program adopts a unique, hands-on approach that, combined with the wide range of topics covered in class, will prepare me for a future role in just about any field. At the end of the day, humans are involved in almost everything we do, so it only makes sense professionally to pursue a degree that trains me to become an expert on their behavior.

What skills do you think a Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences student should have?

In order to be successful in the program, both inside and outside of the classroom, you have to have a deep interest in the factors behind human behavior. And, on top of that interest, you have to be driven to find innovative ways to create lasting behavioral changes. Students in this program also must develop, or already have, the soft skills necessary to communicate with others in a positive and effective manner.

What distinguishes the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences from a degree in psychology or sociology? 

The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences at IE University incorporates every social science out there, expanding students’ professional profiles in a wide range of disciplines and fields. We are given a taste of everything—from psychology, presentation skills and data analytics to statistics, sociology, the humanities and more. This allows us to become more well-rounded as students, as professionals and as human beings.

Where do you see this program leading you in the future?

I am not entirely sure what I want to do with my bachelor’s degree post-graduation, but I know that I will have a lot of options. The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences gives me plenty of room to explore different fields and identify exactly what I want to do later on in life. The fact that it is a newer degree will help me stand out from other candidates in the future.