IEU Experience


"In a globalized world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, understanding how different legal systems work and interact through key concepts is a great advantage."

Giorgio is completing a Dual Degree in International Relations and Law at IE University. He is from Colombia and Argentina but has lived most of his life in Bolivia. Learn more about Giorgio and his experience through this interview:

About Him

Giorgio Rodrigano

What are your hobbies and interests?

I’m into sports like rugby and basketball. I also like playing the guitar and theatre, and of course socializing.

 Why did you choose IEU?

I chose IE University because of the specific degrees available, the international environment, and the good vibes at the Segovia campus.

What do you want to do after graduation?

My options are open. I want to create my own startup, work for a while in Madrid and become a lawyer, prepare myself for a political career in the future…

About his professional experience

Giorgio Rodrigano

Please tell us about a project or internship you have been involved in.

I will be interning at a law firm in Madrid this summer. Currently, I’m working with other IE students to create the first IE Segovia Music Festival. We want to mix art, music, and leisure to provide students and residents with a refreshing experience. Hopefully, it will take place in April. We plan to get a great lineup of musicians to perform, so attendees will enjoy a nice afternoon in Segovia.

What have you learned about the legal sector while working as an intern?

While working as an intern at the Palacio de Justicia in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, I came to appreciate how important our work is for people. If someone needed to get a form, fill out a petition, or simply get information, as legal practitioners we defined not only their actions, but also the outcome of what they were pursuing. In short, I have learned that working in the legal field includes tremendous responsibility because citizens, and the very order of society, depend on our actions and work.

How has IE Universitu prepared you for the challenges involved in the project and/or internship you will complete?

I have had some incredible teachers. People like Francisco de Elizalde, Charlotte Leskin, Balder Haagerats, Susana Torres, among many others, have been truly marvelous. They are qualified professionals worth admiring. When it comes to law, classes like Comparative Law have helped us understand the way legal mechanisms work across borders and how law evolves over time in different places based on the importance attributed to particular concepts. Likewise, in international relations, our teachers’ specific experience in the field has allowed us to see the world and politics through a clear lens, and to analyze world politics at a very high level.

About his experience at IEU

What’s the most valuable aspect of IE University for you?

The international environment, great relationships between students, and a sense of development and growth as each year passes.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from a professor about your future career path?

Attitude beats everything. Francisco de Elizalde was my teacher for Contract and Property Law. I had to retake the midterm orally, and as we reviewed my test, he gave me that advice. It has shaped the way I approach everything in both my academic and professional life.

How has IEU’s comparative law methodology shaped your perspective on the legal world?

It has allowed me to understand the legal world at a higher level; I now see law with clarity. The comparative law methodology is essential for preparing students to adapt to situations that may arise in jurisdictions in which they are not necessarily experts. In short, in a globalized world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, understanding how different legal systems work and interact through key concepts is a great advantage.

Which opportunities have you taken advantage of during your time at IEU?

I have tried as many new experiences as possible. With so many people with completely different backgrounds and upbringings I am constantly learning new things about different cultures and countries. Trying new things and experiences, and getting out of my comfort zone is what I’ve tried to do the most at IE, and I feel quite fulfilled with what I’ve done. I’ve also been able to participate in rugby, basketball, theater, and the debate club, and have gone on great trips thanks to the diverse crowd at IE, and I’ve had so much fun.