IEU Experience


Oriol Vall Serras is currently working as a junior data scientist at CaixaBank Business Intelligence. His time in the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics at IE University helped him solidify his passion for data and for improving anything that can be improved. We spoke to him about his IE Experience and how it helped him in his current role.

My name is Oriol Vall Serras and I’m based in Madrid, Spain. I consider myself to be a very analytical person by nature and a nerd at heart. I love mathematics and technology, and I was looking for a way to combine these passions. I decided to study the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics at IE University because I wanted to find a community of like-minded people who were ready to solve problems using data. 

Why did you choose the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics?

I chose the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics at IE University because I have always been a very analytical person and I was looking for a program that would tap into this natural personality trait. This, in addition to my nerdy passion for mathematics and technology, made for the perfect combination. Being able to combine all my interests and passions in such an exciting and evolving field like data made this program the perfect choice for me.

Could you tell us about your current role?

I am currently working as a data scientist at CaixaBank Business Intelligence, the subsidiary that integrates information analysis capabilities for CaixaBank Group. My role at the firm involves developing and deploying machine learning models with the purpose of understanding and predicting client behavior. 

How did your experience at IE University prepare you for your professional career?  

IE University gave me the opportunity to partake in several experiences designed to guide me toward the best career path for my goals. I had the chance to work closely on real business cases with international firms, allowing me to understand what the world of work would be like after graduation. 

More specifically, I participated in a Hackathon for Johnson & Johnson with three classmates, which was proposed to us as an extracurricular activity by our program director. It helped us immensely in getting a feel for how to deal with large volumes of data and understanding what firms do with it after. It was unique, as it had both the technical data aspect as well as the marketing team side of things, which focused on creating a target customer profile based on the results.

What competitive advantage did studying at IE University provide you?

IE University taught me a wide range of things during my time there, from technical and business knowledge to personal growth. But most importantly, IE University helped me think about innovation first. My program instilled a drive to improve everything that can be improved, to think about different perspectives of problems and new situations that can be beneficial. I think the diverse profiles in the classroom helped me gain new perspectives and think outside the box. 

Do you have any advice for IE University students who are interested in a career in the field?

To start, I think anyone who wants to work—and thrive—in data science must be someone who pays attention to detail and is methodical. Once they’re ready to pursue a career, I would tell them to be hungry to learn more every day. It’s a continuously evolving sector, where innovating is a present aspect of day-to-day work. Plus, it’s a field that embraces new ideas and teamwork, which encourages brainstorming when tasks become difficult to solve and helping each other by sharing knowledge.

What would you tell someone who is interested in pursuing the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics?

Go for it, you’ll love it! This program will give you not only knowledge of the world of data and how to exploit it, but also a different way of thinking. The program covers a variety of topics and teaches you to work with state-of-the-art technology and software. For me personally, I was able to leave IE University with an incredible competitive advantage over other applicants, due to my newly acquired ability to stay up-to-date with the world of data.

How did IE Talent & Careers help you with your professional goals?

The IE Talent & Careers team was incredibly useful in my preparation for the job search. They helped me perfect my resume and cover letters, as well as offered me interview practice sessions. These resources helped make me more confident and relaxed during my application and interview processes.