The IE Talent & Careers department works relentlessly to ensure a seamless transition from the classroom to the professional sphere. From Campus to Careers is an event that offers students an in-depth explanation of the resources available to them, as well as a networking session with career specialists representing a range of industries.

At IE University, we take pride in our focus on student success. The IE Talent & Careers team is an excellent example of how our faculty and staff go above and beyond to help students land their dream roles. With the objective of helping students transition smoothly from campus life to the world of work, the IE Talent & Careers department welcomed students in their final two years of their respective programs to attend a special face-to-face event: From Campus to Careers. 

Held over two different sessions, the first on September 8 and the second on September 15, From Campus to Careers brought 750 students to IE Tower. The presentation began with an overview of the ways in which the IE Talent & Careers team can help students land their dream roles—from newsletters and workshops to corporate events and the Job Portal. This was followed by a quick look at where IE Alumni are currently working. 

The IE Talent & Careers team includes general career coaches as well as coaches specializing in various sectors, including consulting, law, tech, finance, marketing & communications, architecture & design, international relations, social impact and development. Their range of knowledge means our students can receive advice and guidance for the sector or role that interests them most. 

The event highlighted the resources and information that students can use as they start their journey into the fast-paced job market. Giving our students the right tools means they are able to begin their job search immediately following graduation. In fact, among last year’s graduates, 96% of those seeking jobs got a position within just six months!

We asked fifth-year Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations student Mafalda Kurtis what she got out of the event. She commented that most final-year students—herself included—are still uncertain about their post-graduation plans, so this event was incredibly valuable. “It was really reassuring to have the IE Talent & Careers department lay out the array of opportunities available to us, many of which I hadn’t even considered! I now feel a complete sense of relief knowing that I have a dedicated professional from my industry of interest assigned as my career coach and available to help me navigate this important chapter of my life,” she explains.

After the one-hour presentation, students and specialists gathered for a coffee chat with the career specialists. Students were able to clear up any doubts they had about the services offered by IE Talent & Careers, as well as ask specific questions about their future goals. 

By putting a face to the IE Talent & Careers department through events like this, we hope to help students feel more comfortable asking career-related questions. 

We encourage students to take full advantage of the resources and tools presented at this event and ask our team for help with anything they need. This is the time for students to polish their professional profiles as they prepare to embark on their journeys beyond IE University

The IE Talent & Careers department is available for students via email at ieu.careers@ie.edu or in person at their offices in both Madrid and Segovia. Let’s talk careers!