You may hear a lot about student-centered learning and wonder what it actually means for you in real terms. Well, it’s quite simple really. At IE University, we design the whole educational experience from beginning to end (and beyond!) with you in mind. How do we do it? Let’s take it step by step.

Student-centered learning: Before the classroom

Before you experience our student-centered learning approach, we want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy here at IE University. To help get you all settled in, we provide a few resources.

Student Services

Student Services is there to make your transition to life in Spain as smooth as possible. From immigration for non-EU students to information about general health services, this energetic team is on hand to help with any issues. But it’s not all about red-tape bureaucracy! They’ll also help you settle in to your new home in Madrid or Segovia with information to help you find accommodation that’s perfect for you.

Mentorship Society

The Mentorship Societyis an extracurricular activity in which students in second year or above volunteer to mentor incoming freshmen. The society provides a platform for students to exchange first-hand information based on their own experiences to help you get a leg on the social ladder and learn the ropes.

Bachelor in International Relations Guide Negotiation

Student-centered learning: The classroom and beyond

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work—you’re in charge of your learning experience! We know how important your education is to you. So, to help you get the most high-quality, dynamic learning experience, we also offer a wide variety of educational opportunities as well as top-notch resources.

Academic resources

With our broad variety of academic resources, you can find everything you need, when you need it. Our library is brimming with all kinds of learning material to help you stay on top of that research paper. Alongside this, we also provide a huge selection of cutting-edge technology in a number of formats. Which brings us to our next point…

IEU Labs

The IEU Labs are the next level in student-centered learning. This unique program is an innovative alternative to work placements that allows you to gain real, professional experience while working hand in hand with top professionals from leading companies. With 10 labs on offer, you have the opportunity to explore new, eye-opening insights while expanding your professional network.

Technology and Innovation Management with Sarah Harmon

IE Module

Every bachelor’s student takes part in the IE Module, which gives them core knowledge in key subjects, centered around entrepreneurship, the humanities, diversity, technology, and innovation. These indispensable skills are structured so the difficulty increases as your knowledge does, challenging you to grow during your time here with us.

Student-centered learning: The lasting benefits

Why do we take this approach to learning? Simply put, we believe that it is the best way to prepare you for success in the modern world. By taking control of your own education, you are better able to engage with the material and find innovative solutions to modern challenges—a dynamic skill set that stands out to today’s recruiters.

But that doesn’t mean you go it alone. Far from it! At IE University, we help you every step of the way. From before you step foot in the classroom until long after graduation. For example…

Jessup Moot Court Competition

Talent & Careers

The Talent & Careers team is made up of professionals who are ready and waiting to help you achieve your professional goals. They provide a highly tailored service to help you build an outstanding personal brand that turns recruiters’ heads and gets you noticed. As part of this service, you’ll have access to a wide variety of tools, training, expert advice, and access to international recruiters. Essentially, it’s everything you need to take your first steps on a professional journey bound for success!

At IE University, we put you at the forefront. All our programs and resources are designed, reviewed, and updated with you in mind. If you’d like any further information about #GoingtoIEU, visit our website to find out more!