What is the place of the humanities in our digital world? IE University celebrates our innate creativity through a holistic approach.

Over the last few decades, technological innovations have largely been responsible for pushing society forward, completely transforming everything from how we live to the way we work. And as technology continues to prove its value in our daily lives, some would ask: why should we care about the humanities? Why should we immerse ourselves in the study of the same? 

However, we’d like to offer another point of view: what about art, beauty and creativity? What about morality, ethics and striving toward a common good? The humanities are what makes us, well, human. They give us a sense of context, enriching our souls and underpinning the rich history that influences our traditions, cultures and ways of life. Provost Manuel Muñiz describes it best, saying, “They are what gives sense to life, what gives depth to human experience.”

At IE University, we understand that this dichotomy is practically non-existent: both technology and the humanities occupy a vital space in our daily activities. In fact, one of our pillars is a focus on providing a humanistic education, seeing a holistic approach as the key to grasping the realities of our world and building the skills to solve complex global challenges. 

Celebrating the humanities

That’s one of the reasons why the university instituted the annual IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities eight years ago. Overseen by IE Foundation and the Arts & Humanities Division, the awards have become an essential part of campus life and our collective heritage. They commemorate the human-centric vision shared by the IE Community, celebrating the most outstanding creative contributions from all our students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Every year, hundreds of participants submit their best creative world for consideration for the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities. They use this as an opportunity to share their talent, interests and unique perspectives through the gift of storytelling. The eighth edition of the prestigious awards is already underway and is expected to draw a massive response from participants eager to showcase their creative flair.

A renowned panel

“This year, the prize would have six categories: Poetry, Short Story, Short Essay, Photography, Video and, for the first time, Digital Art,” explains Manuel. This presents a limitless opportunity for engagement, allowing participants to compete in a broad range of creative areas. 

These works will be reviewed by an illustrious jury of leading professionals in a wide range of creative sectors—from prominent writers, journalists and photographers to members of the university’s faculty, staff and more. Consequently, participants can expect to connect and engage with individuals at the top of their fields and rest easy in the fact that their submissions will be examined by the best of the best.

Among the expert jury is Diego del Alcázar, founder and president of IE University. He offers some words of encouragement: “I advise you to participate in our annual humanities awards, which many of your colleagues have already taken part in and who—today as alumni, formerly as students—took the step to become involved in something as important to them and to us as the humanities.”

A glimpse into IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities 2022

Take the next step

The submissions stage of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities is still open and will be until May 31; the winners are to be announced in July 2023. This is your chance to share your creative spark with a diverse, international audience and make your mark on IE University’s history.

You can submit your creative works here.