I’m Beatriz del Barrio and I’m from Madrid—but before coming to IE University, I had never lived in Madrid. I was born here and raised in Lisbon. I lived there until I was nine years old and then my family moved to Miami, Florida, where we lived for four years. After that we moved to Mexico City, staying there for five years until I graduated high school. I am now in my third year at IE University. 

Beatriz chose to come to IE University for various reasons: its high academic prestige, the broad number of programs on offer, and the dynamic learning environment. Having lived all over the world, the diverse, international student body also appealed to Beatriz. When applying to university, she didn’t have a clear career path in mind, so she chose the Bachelor in Business Administration to open doors to infinite future opportunities. 

“My experience at IE University has been great. Even in such unique and difficult times, IE University has always made the effort to maintain a resilient student body and create a supportive community.”

Throughout her time at IE University, Beatriz has enjoyed her experience. Even through the pandemic, IE University maintained its resilient student body and supportive community, and Beatriz has made friends for life from all over the world. Her classes have also been a window into the future, and she’s enjoyed seeing the vast array of careers she could pursue. Having made the move from Mexico City, Beatriz’s goal when she first arrived in Madrid was to make friends, adapt to a new lifestyle, and focus on her studies. Now she’s developed herself in that respect, she’s looking to get more involved with student clubs and initiatives. 

Beatriz is a proud member of IE University’s global community. She finds that diversity at IE University encourages insightful conversations between students and faculty, and believes that making these connections across the community will be pivotal to her professional and personal success.  In fact, Beatriz has already made strides with her professional career. With her sights set on business success, she has completed a digital marketing internship at Condé Nast, obtaining the position completely independently. Recently, she has been making use of IE Talent & Careers, checking the weekly newsletter for opportunities that pique her interest. Her career advisor has also been supportive in helping her to find the beginnings of her path. 

Thanks to all of this and the support available at IE University, Beatriz has proudly accepted her second internship, this time at Estée Lauder. Since she is interested in the luxury industry—specifically luxury fashion—Beatriz feels that this placement will give her valuable experience and help her to narrow down her ambitions. That being said, she is staying open to discovering which sector best aligns with her passions. 

Studying her program has also opened her eyes to the different aspects within a business, and she’s discovered new interests as well as potential areas for future growth. Whichever sector Beatriz decides to pursue, her program at IE University will equip her with a broad knowledge and networks base, launching her into a world of opportunities.