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Rooted in the belief that traditional STEM education leaves students too narrow-minded for the growing needs of our global world, IE School of Science and Technology strives to raise the bar for science and technology. We aim to create multidisciplinary leaders in science and technology by broadening education across disciplines and instilling an innovative mindset in our students.

Science and technology are everywhere. They inform everything we do and our potential for the future. In order to adapt to our ever-changing world, we have to constantly innovate solutions to arising problems. The key to this innovation lies in science and technology.

Ikhlaq Sidhu – Dean of IE School of Science and Technology; Rafif Srour – Vice Dean of IE School of Science and Technology undergraduate programs; David Gómez-Ullate Oteiza – Professor of IE bachelor in Applied Mathematics; Jose Esteves – Vice Dea of IE School of Science and Technology graduate programs; Michael Moire – First Officer at Ryanair; David Simon – Ryanair

The IE Sustainability Datathon will allow students to take science and technology to the next level. They’ll make connections to both other disciplines and the real world. This is where innovation is born. 

To foster the science and tech leaders of tomorrow, IE School of Science and Technology is hosting the IE Sustainability Datathon in partnership with Ryanair. This year’s corporate challenge will enable students to work alongside the company for three weeks, with Europe’s largest airline providing a dataset and a sustainability problem for students to solve with predictive modeling. 

“We need to work on strategies to reduce the amount of gas emitted and adapt to a new reality. We are here because Ryanair is thinking of new ways of doing things. I’m very happy to have the collaboration with Ryanair.¨

Isabela Alcazar de Benjumea, Director of IE Sustainability

Students of the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data, the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics, and the Bachelor in Computer Science & AI will form teams and work towards their own original solutions. The key findings from the datathon will then contribute to a document that will inform the tech policy field. Students will be on the front line of sustainability decision-making as part of the datathon, with their work potentially going on to make a real and immediate impact among sector experts and policymakers.

From October 6 until October 28, teams of three to five members will compete to find the best solution to Ryanair’s problem. Specifically, teams will use data to find strategies to reduce the amount of gas emitted to create a sustainable future. Ryanair’s endeavor to find a more sustainable way of business is mirrored in our values at IE School of Science and Technology. They’re looking for new ways of doing things and so are we. 

The prizes on offer reflect the genuine determination of both IE School of Science and Technology and Ryanair to leverage the power of data to play a part in the fight against climate change. Three winning teams will be chosen by a jury comprising partners and sponsors, and the overall winning team will take home €3,500.

“We’re excited to partner with Ryanair and allow our students the opportunity to solve a real challenge facing the industry, while helping Ryanair meet its sustainability objectives.”

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Dean of IE School of Science and Technology

Just as importantly, the datathon will open students’ minds to the possibilities that come with technology in a hands-on environment. Many students come to IE School of Science and Technology specifically for the opportunity to widen their network and experience professional life in a real-world setting. The datathon enables them to put their knowledge to work and experience data in action. It’s a step towards the real professional world of data, and our students are the generation leading its success.