IE University’s Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences blends academic theory and practical experience to give students a thorough understanding of human behavior and its effects on business and society. Through it, students develop a broad skill set that is applicable across multiple industries and sectors. And, according to alum Lara Bolívar Asensi, the program allows ambitious professionals to stand out in a competitive market.

The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences is designed for professionals who want to explore, understand and impact human behavior. The program takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach, delving into a number of knowledge areas like psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics. Here, students are taught to solve problems, communicate effectively and influence organizations for the betterment of their consumers and society as a whole—all skills highly valued in the job market. 

Students in the program have access to a wealth of cutting-edge facilities and resources, including a fully equipped library, research centers and online learning platforms. They also get the chance to hone their practical expertise through internships, workshops, research projects and more. Led by a renowned faculty composed of academics and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields, graduates of the program have proven to be a skilled and highly competitive force in the professional world. 

Which path will you take after graduation?

As a result of this comprehensive, world-class learning experience, the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences opens up its graduates to a broad range of career paths. Specifically, alums of the program go on to work in many different sectors, including marketing and communication, human and social research, behavioral science as well as consulting.

Lara Bolívar Asensi graduated from the program in 2022 and now works as a marketing intern at Johnson & Johnson MedTech. She describes herself as someone who is ”really interested in how people behave, what drives them and how they interact with others.” For her, joining the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences was the natural choice to fulfill her goal.

She says that the program’s hands-on, practical approach prepared her for the working world: “At IE University, you get to learn by doing. I was given the opportunity to do real-world consulting projects, case studies, simulations and internships.”

Discovering her passion

Designed by the experts at IE Business School, the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences covers a diverse range of social science disciplines. It gives learners a well-rounded view of the human sciences that transcends disciplines, with in-depth classes in Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Political Science, Business and Law. Lara says that one of these courses helped to reveal her true passion—neuromarketing.

“Our professor, who had previously worked for big-name companies, always presented real-life examples of how he applied the theories we learned in class, such as heuristics and cognitive biases,” she explains. “This hands-on approach to learning really piqued my interest in the subject and inspired me to explore it further.”

Entering healthcare

Lara did her final thesis on the predisposing factors of Alzheimer’s disease, which focused on neuroscience. This led her to develop a strong interest in the healthcare sector, where she’s currently working: “I couldn’t be happier about combining my passion for marketing with the healthcare industry in my current position.”

Lara reveals that graduates who want to work in the pharmaceutical industry don’t necessarily have to possess a background in healthcare. As she points out, “It’s becoming more common to find professionals in the industry who come from a business background, so having a degree in a non-medical field should not be seen as a disadvantage.” 

With that said, she reiterates the fact that the job market can be challenging for new entrants: “Bear in mind that the field—like many others—can be competitive, so be prepared to face rejection and keep pushing forward. Dedication and perseverance can make all the difference.”

Skills that matter

IE University is all about innovation and technology as part of its commitment to preparing students for the digital age. Throughout her time in the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences, Lara complemented her learnings with studies in data analytics, digital marketing and artificial intelligence. This broad skill set is something she’s found to be highly valuable when it comes to her career options, saying, “These skills were important in pretty much any industry I considered getting into.”

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in various optional elective courses to beef up their resumes. For instance, Lara took several classes on Excel, which she has discovered are particularly useful in her line of work. “I apply the skills I learned in the course on a daily basis,” she says. She also took courses on writing, presentation skills and mindfulness: these have helped to improve her communication skills and boosted her capacity to manage stress in the workplace.

A holistic education

A particular point of pride for IE University is that more than 75% of the student body comes from outside Spain. They represent an average of 140 nationalities on campus each year. 

Indeed, Lara describes it as “a melting pot of cultures.” Such diversity has been instrumental to her robust global outlook and overall growth, helping her build cross-cultural skills while preparing her to thrive in different business environments.

To anyone considering joining IE University, “Don’t think about it twice!” she says. “Go for it: it has a fun and lively campus atmosphere and is packed with smart, motivated people who are all hustling to achieve their goals.”