Find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

What are the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities?

The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities are a way to recognize the creative work of IE students and alumni, in an effort to reinforce one of IE’s pillars: understanding the world through the humanities in order to develop critical thinking skills and a global mindset.

This vision is what allows IE and our community to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to constantly reinvent reality. The prizes have been created by the IE Humanities Center in collaboration with the IE Foundation in order to foster creativity and allow the artistic vision that characterizes IE to have a voice and be expressed by members of its community.

Students can participate in five different categories: short story, poetry, video, photography, and short essay. A prize is awarded annually for the best three pieces of work, which is a printed version of the entry.

How do I participate?

All students and alumni are welcome to participate! In order to do so, go to the website or click here to register.

2017 Winners

Check out the creative work of the winners from the 2017 edition – click here.

1st Place: Carolyn Billetdeaux, an American student from the International MBA, with “Tres niveles”

Carolyn Billetdeaux Tres niveles

2nd Place: Garg Shantanu, an Indian student from the Master in Management, with “Answers from above”

Answers from above

3rd Place: Yan Lin Fu, a Singaporean student from the International MBA, with “Ink and Wash”

Yan Lin Fu - Ink and Wash

Special Mention: Teddy Godillon, a French student from the International MBA, with “Ojo por Ojo”

Ojo por Ojo

What is the IE Foundation?

The IE Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to contribute to corporate development by focusing on underserved populations and other sectors that align with IE’s activities.

The foundation acts as a medium through which the IE community can enhance its educational, business-related, and research activities. The foundation’s resources are used to fund scholarships, to provide grants for the research and training of professors, and to improve IE’s educational structure in alignment with its values. These activities are focused on promoting entrepreneurship, diversity, and innovation.

Each year, the IE Foundation awards scholarships to approximately 700 students and funds more than 30 research projects.

Check out the video from the 2017 edition: