IEU Experience


Marta García del Valle is a Madrid local, but she knew that IE University was the right place for her because, unlike other universities, IE University offered multiple pathways for Marta to develop various types of skills. A lover of all things STEM-related, Marta is currently earning her Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The best part of studying here at IE University is the amount of freedom we have to bring our ideas to life. Our professors encourage us to explore our ideas, and we’re given the resources to create our own tech startups or other ventures. I joined the IE Technology and Innovation Club as well and have worked my way up to President from Event Coordinator. In this role, I get to connect with companies and organize networking events for students, as well as practice my leadership skills.

IE University has numerous opportunities to engage with different activities, so I also completed the Econ DataLab to gain exposure to FinTech since I’m interested in that field. Besides professional development, I’m also on the basketball team, and I especially love the exposure to different cultures that my student experience has included. You experience something new every day.

I’ve completed several internships since coming to IE University, including with a technology consulting company and Accenture. Having the chance to dabble in different positions and sectors has been a great way to better understand where I want to go in the future with my career in tech—perhaps working for Google or Amazon. Overall, I feel that studying at IE University opens countless doors, so my future could take me anywhere.