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One of the biggest challenges that women who pursue careers in tech face is that there are few women currently in the field.

Technology is a constantly evolving field. With social advancements, the tech industry must confront new realities within the current social context. As our society moves closer to gender equality, women are working to build a stronger presence in the traditionally male-dominated tech industry.

Today, we are seeing an increasing number of women heading some of the most important tech companies in the world. Women are leading technological innovation the world over and working tirelessly to encourage more women to pursue a career in tech.

We had the privilege to sit down with Teresa Ramos, Director of the Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management at IEU, to talk about women in the tech industry.

Teresa Ramos

What are some of the biggest challenges that women who want to venture in the world of technology face today?

One of the biggest challenges that women who pursue careers in tech face is that there are few women currently in the field. This reality unfortunately prevents more women from joining. I really think this is a consequence of a closed traditional mindset in which women feel excluded from the industry.

Another important challenge involves the lack of role models. Even though women have made some incredible achievements in tech, they are constantly obscured by men. There are many women who have recently achieved great positions in this industry, including Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook, or Marisa Mayer, CEO at Yahoo. I truly believe that we will see more female tech leaders in the years to come.

Finally, we are still seeing more men studying STEM than women. This topic has been discussed extensively as of late. It’s a common misconception that as women, we don’t have the “tech capacity” that men do. Of course, I find this to be completely absurd. Women have an amazing capacity for abstract thinking, strong communication skills, and the ability to effectively verbalize abstract concepts.

Technology is a male-dominated field. What steps should be taken to attract more women to tech?

I think these efforts have to be from the ground up. We can’t get more women in the tech industry if we don’t have women studying STEM. We can’t get more women in STEM if we’re not working to promote science and technology in the early stages of education. It is a work in progress that needs to start in primary or even pre-school.

As more women join STEM to pursue careers in tech, this field will start to become more attractive to women. Today, there are more women in this field than when I joined it a couple of decades ago, and I think that informatics have had a lot to do with that.

Informatics and new tech are now more accessible than ever. This has helped women get a taste of new areas of knowledge and tech. As women have more interaction with technology they cultivate a stronger interest in the area, become more curious and invested in pursuing the topic academically and professionally.  

It’s also crucial that women help other women pursue technology careers. Role models play a vital part of the journey.

We have already seen women doing great things in tech in recent years, and I am confident that this presence will continue to grow and reach total 50/50 equality in the field in the coming decades.

Who do you think should pursue studies in technology and innovation management?

People who pursue studies and careers in these fields are curious individuals who are great problem-solvers and that constantly seek new ways to bring innovative solutions. They are always curious about what they can do to change the world, and how they can apply technology in new ways to solve either new problems or old problems in different and innovative ways.

How is technology affecting businesses?

Technology is affecting everything, not just business. Today you can find new technologies everywhere, they are all around us. We need innovation processes to bring technology to life and effectively merge it with people’s daily activities and routines.

Technology impacts businesses in diverse ways by improving operations process, enabling data analysis to optimize business functions, increasing data processing capacity to improve strategies, and facilitating communication to aid in internationalization.

With that said, I don’t like to think of technology as a force to improve only businesses. Technology is a force that can make our daily lives better.

Can you describe a technologist?

A technologist is someone who is very curious about learning. The typical technologist has to be a life-long learner. They are people who are prepared and willing to keep reading, learning, and researching how to improve processes throughout their careers.

It definitely has to be someone who likes the idea of a hands-on profession, since technology is about experimenting, building, and creating. In essence, a technologist wants to make their mark on the world.

Women in Tech

What would be your message to women trying to get into technology?

Women will play a crucial role in the future of technology. We have considered this in the design and development of our program, and we are precisely trying to create an environment at IE University where women and men can both work together to drive innovation. So don’t think twice about it, join this wonderful field, and play a part in building the digital future!

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