From day one of their IE University experience, students in all of our programs can count on the support, resources and connections of the IE Talent & Careers team. Their mission, in addition to providing personalized guidance to students, is to put them in direct contact with the right job recruiters.

We spoke to many of these recruiters to get their take on the current world of work, the challenges they face when hiring and what they’re looking for in candidates. Here are our top tips for landing the perfect role.

1. Do your research

The recruiters we spoke to came from a cross-section of industries, from law through recruitment to luxury fashion, but this came up almost universally. Do your research, both into the company you’re applying to, and the latest industry trends in the sector. 

Not only will this demonstrate your genuine passion for the role, it also gives the recruiter a better idea of your specific interests and therefore how you will add value to their company. “Candidates should demonstrate their enthusiasm for the job and the company, highlighting why they are interested in working for [us] and how they can contribute to our success,” said Anthony Duda of Dutch multinational Signify.

2. Demonstrate an international outlook

This was another response that came up frequently—hardly a surprise in our globalized world. It’s why IE University values a global mindset so highly, building international experiences like overseas study opportunities and Global Immersion Weeks into our programs and collaborating with other leading institutions and top companies. And it works: “The international profile and the willingness to build a better future are the key elements that we value from IE University profiles,” Blanca Cobo of the European Central Bank told us.

Carolina Callejon of Morningstar gave similar advice: “I’d suggest showing their true international approach, proving their analytical skills, being interested in building a career with us and always ready to support their skills’ statements with real-life examples.” 

3. Build a well-rounded skill set

Companies today are looking for the right balance of hard and soft skills. As María Giménez de la Llave of Deloitte shared, “Deloitte seeks well-rounded candidates who possess a combination of technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and a strong work ethic, along with a demonstrated ability to contribute effectively to client engagements and team projects.”

Interpersonal skills, a creative mindset and adaptability are highly sought after. Marta Blanco Montoya told us that at LOEWE, “A proactive approach to problem-solving, creativity, and a commitment to continuous learning align well with our organizational values.”

4. Show how your skills and experience fit the role specifically 

One challenge that our recruiters told us they face is finding high-quality candidates with the specific skills, knowledge and experience to fit the role they’re hiring for. “It can be challenging to find candidates who have the right combination of skills, experience, and personality traits,” says Signify’s Anthony Duda.
IE University programs are built around a highly practical methodology to provide our alumni with the experience they need, and your CV, and your responses in interviews, should reinforce why you’re the best fit for the specific role you’re going for.

5. Show willingness to learn

We don’t believe learning stops at the end of your academic career, and neither do top recruiters. IE Lifelong learning fosters continuous personal and professional growth—characteristics that leading companies are looking for in their candidates. “LOEWE seeks recent graduates who not only possess a solid academic foundation, but also demonstrate a proactive attitude and a willingness to learn. We love to see a hunger for learning, adaptability, and a real passion for the world of fashion,” said Marta Blanco Montoya from the luxury fashion giant.

Make sure that you can demonstrate examples of your lifelong learning, too. As Manuela Alarcón de la Lastra Riva of Celonis explained, “Show your commitment to continuous learning and growth. Highlight instances where you’ve proactively acquired new skills or adapted to new technologies in your previous roles.”

6. Demonstrate excellent communication and collaboration

“Enthusiasm, proactivity, and collaboration are also key aspects we evaluate when meeting recent graduates,” said Cristina Menéndez of global law firm Ashurst. This sentiment was echoed by most of the top firms we spoke to, with LOEWE calling communication skills and a team spirit “non-negotiables.”

Finally, we’ll leave you with possibly the most important piece of advice—something that most of the outstanding recruiters we work with told us. In interviews, be yourself and let your unique skills and personality shine.