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"Leading the Law Society entails a fair share of teamwork, which is always a challenge, but it is also very rewarding." - Gracia

Being part of a club at IE University is an enriching experience; not only is it fun and allows students to meet others with the same interests, but a variety of skills are learned throughout. Members of the IEU Law Society answer our question, “What have you learned while being part of the IEU Law Society?”.

Bárbara Gómez, Paulina Godynyuk, Nieves Delgado, Ainhoa Busto, Teresa Artaza, Märit Thomasdotter and Gracia Pujadas, tell us what they’ve learned from their experience.

IEU Law Society


“I’ve learned many things and gained a lot as well, from theoretical legal knowledge to professional and organizational skills. But most importantly, I’ve learned how valuable teamwork is and the great potential a simple initiative can have. Moreover, I’ve discovered all the support and resources available to students at IE University and how willing the academic department is to enrich our studies through extracurricular activities.”


“Since I joined the Law Society, I’ve learned a lot about organizing, planning, and coordinating. This is because I’ve been in charge of the Segovia campus for the last two years, alongside Elena Recla and Bárbara Gómez, and this has taught me to push ideas forward and make my ideas for the Law Society a reality. Taking initiative by collaborating with the careers department, professors, and other professionals in the legal field has been a great experience and has helped me understand how to manage events. We have taken on a great responsibility to ensure that the students at IE are happy and feel fulfilled after attending our conferences and informational sessions. Therefore, I would say I’ve learned to take on responsibility, as well as manage and work in a team.”


“Most importantly, it has opened my eyes to the many new and flourishing fields of law that are being created as society and technology evolve. I have also definitely learned a thing or two about organizing and marketing the coolest event at IEU!”

IEU Law Society


“I’ve learned a lot from the speakers and professionals that have led the discussions at our various conferences and events, which range from technical (contracts in the Mecca-Medina train construction, self-determination of regions in the context of the Catalan conflict, etc.) to practical (how to approach interviews for internships at law firms, career guidance with regard to different law firms and other institutions, etc.). I have also learned to network in a professional context (we had to contact professionals with very different backgrounds). Furthermore, leading the Law Society entails a fair share of teamwork, which is always a challenge (e.g. having to coordinate with several people to organize events) but also very rewarding (especially when you accomplish the goals that were set by the group). The variety of tasks is considerable, which also teaches you to be flexible and improve certain skills. For instance, as a Law Society leader, you are involved in both communication activities (promoting events through the various channels) and logistics (coordinating and making sure everything goes well before and during the events).”


“As a leader of the IEU Law Society, I have learned the importance of teamwork and dedication when organizing successful events and seminars. Coordinating these events takes a lot of work in terms of brainstorming, planning, structuring, and trusting your colleagues. Moreover, I have learned the importance of maintaining good communication with IEU and the Student Life Office, which has always helped us with our projects.”

The World through Law-IE University


“Being in the Law Society has taught me so many different things. To begin with, it has improved my ability to work in a team and shown me that if everyone works hard and is motivated within a group, it can be very enjoyable. On our team, we blended our strengths in order to get the best possible outcomes, and this resulted in an increased amount of ideas and a lot of creativity.  I have also learned how to balance academic and extracurricular activities, and the importance of these extracurricular activities in having a better and more complete experience at university and a CV that truly stands out from others.”


“I’ve learned how important commitment is and how valuable good teamwork is, as well as how shared responsibility proves most efficient with a fair division of tasks and responsibilities.”

The IEU Law Society has organized several events, such as a talk on policy, privacy and artificial intelligence at Facebook by Norberto Andrade, Privacy and Public Policy Manager for Facebook, and an informative session on Careers at International Organizations, among others.

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