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"To have the chance to be in a class with people from more than 13 nationalities, as was my case, makes you grow both academically and personally."

Ainhoa is a fourth year, Bachelor of Laws student from Vitoria-Gasteiz, a small town located in the Basque Country in the North of Spain. She started her bachelors in the Segovia Campus and is currently studying in Madrid.

Read our interview with Ainhoa for Faces of IEU and get to know her a little better:

About Her

What would you say are your main interests?

I’m really interested in traveling and learning about new cultures and lifestyles, but I would say that my main hobbies are reading and spending time with friends and family.

What made you choose IEU?

I chose IEU mainly due to its international environment, which for me was its greatest advantage over other universities in Spain.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I want to study a Master’s in Law (the “Master de Acceso a la Abogacía”) in order to then take the Bar exam and qualify as a lawyer in Spain. I’ll start the program in September 2018, along with a Master’s degree in European Union Law. However, immediately after graduation I’d like to travel for a month and explore somewhere new – maybe South America – before starting the new academic year.

About her professional experience

Ainhoa Bustos

Have you done any internships? Please tell us about your experience.

I’ve done three internships in the last three years of my degree, and I’m currently working as an intern at the Spanish law firm Pérez-Llorca. Internships like these allow students to put into practice what they learn in their bachelor studies and to realize what being a lawyer truly is.

What did you learn about the legal sector while working as an intern?

I learned that it’s a very demanding profession, and lawyers have to be thorough and meticulous in order to provide the best outcome for their clients. However, I have also learned that it’s a very enriching job in the long run.

How has IEU prepared you for the challenges involved in this internship?

I believe that IEU prepares you for the challenges involved in any kind of project or internship in a very practical way. The analytical and critical skills that IEU teaches you are, in my opinion, key for any project or internship.

About her experience at IEU

Ainhoa Bustos

What’s the most valuable aspect of IEU for you?

In my opinion, its international environment is what makes IEU truly special. To have the chance to be in a class with people from more than 13 nationalities, as was my case, makes you grow both academically and personally.

What is the most valuable thing a professor has taught you about your future career path?

I have learned that hard work pays off, and that if you’re hardworking and ambitious you’ll achieve your goals. Nevertheless, I’ve also learned from professors that having fun and living your life is equally important, as long as you’re able to find a balance.

How has IEU’s comparative law methodology shaped your perspective on the legal world?

I believe that IEU’s comparative law methodology makes students realize that law is not a purely national practice, and it trains us to appreciate the global reach of the legal profession.

What opportunities have you taken advantage of during your time at IEU?

There are so many opportunities on offer for students at IEU. Personally I would highlight summer schools, which I think are the perfect way to combine academic and personal experiences. In my case, I had the chance of going to two different summer schools in South America and Germany thanks to IEU.

Are you a member of any clubs at IEU? If so, which ones?

I am currently co-leader of the IEU Law Society, and I used to be a member of the Humanitarian Club.

Have you participated in a Lab at IEU? What was it about, and what was your role? What did you learn?

During my first and second year at IEU I participated in the Legal Clinic, where I had the chance to conduct research and participate in different projects for various NGOs. This experience taught me that legal work is not only conducted in law firms, but there are also opportunities for lawyers at other organizations such as NGOs.