IEU Experience


Aba Waturi Gitau is an undergraduate student at IE University. She is from Kenya and lived there until she was 16, when she moved to Pune, India to earn her International Baccalaureate diploma. During her experience there, she learned about IE University and knew it was just the environment she was looking for. We spoke to her about her studies and her future goals.

I completed my International Baccalaureate program at Mahindra United World College of India, which is where I first heard about IE University. During my sophomore year, different universities came to pitch their programs and recruit students, and IE University immediately piqued my attention. 

My International Baccalaureate program helped me realize I am passionate about economics and the application of math to real-world situations. I knew I wanted to pursue this passion and IE University’s Bachelor in Economics was the perfect program to do so.

Why did you choose IE University? 

Coming from an international program, the diverse environment at IE University was somewhere I knew I would thrive. When I applied, I initially wanted to complete the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations, but my path changed quickly when I found the Bachelor in Economics. I loved studying economics during my high school program—from finance to macroeconomics, applying math to real-world situations was something I have always been interested in doing as a future career.

How has IE University helped you grow both personally and professionally?

IE University has given me the opportunity to learn from and work with well-versed professionals in the economics sector, as well as other related fields such as politics and data science. To be honest, I never saw myself as someone who would be interested in data analytics, but the program opened my eyes and now it’s a potential career path for me.

The university’s unique methodology includes a wide variety of hands-on experiences. The IE Talent & Careers department guided me in my search for an internship, as well as provided me with the tools and resources necessary to enter an interview confidently and fully prepared. Thanks to their help, I landed an internship with a startup fintech company called Ndovu.

Could you tell us about your internship experience? Why did you choose Ndovu?

My internship experience was incredibly eye-opening. Ndovu is an investment platform that provides easy access to financial markets. The platform offers smart, simple and affordable solutions by investing money in a globally diversified portfolio. More than just a platform, Ndovu is a company that cares about people.

A Kenyan company owned and run by Kenyans, Ndovu was created by people who have a similar educational journey to mine. The owners went to international universities and have now brought their know-how and expertise back home to help develop our financial industry. One thing I particularly love about this company is that they prioritize financial literacy. While I was there, they were working on a series of short clips that are easily digestible for the average Kenyan to understand the importance of investing money. Ndovu has seen a gap in education and is creating a solution: educating Kenyans on the importance of investing and providing an easy, understandable way to do so.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not in the classroom, I love to release stress and get out of my own head by going into the kitchen. One of my favorite hobbies is cooking—I love food and I love creating it. I also enjoy swimming, but that’s not something I have done often since moving to Madrid.

What does your future look like?

Honestly, it’s still a bit unclear. I would like to work for about two years in the private sector, most likely in finance. I’ll take this time to determine whether this is a field in which I want to progress. If so, I’ll pursue a master’s degree in something related and if not, I’ll find something different. I’ve always learned to find a strong balance between work and socialization. My best advice? Enjoy your life and never take it too seriously.