With a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics degree, what does the future hold for you?

The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics is a program that gives students an in-depth look at the application of mathematics throughout varied disciplines. Throughout the program, students receive hands-on experience that prepares them to tackle various challenges in any context through methods learned in the program. By using mathematical formulas and applying them to real life, students are able to develop their problem-solving and analytical skills. 

The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics at IE University opens many doors for students as they become well-rounded individuals that can pursue a multitude of careers. After graduation, they can leverage their new-found expertise to play a strategic role in industries like the environment, health and medicine, art and entertainment, architecture and the built environment, as well as AI and e-Commerce, business, data science and many more. 


Mathematicians from all over the world are working nonstop to address the most pressing environmental challenges facing the world today. Using advanced mathematical models, they hope to find sustainable solutions for issues such as flooding, global warming and air pollution, which affect millions of people around the globe. A broad, multidisciplinary application of mathematical concepts could go a long way in redefining how we develop and use renewable energy, for instance.  By specializing in this field, students could become environmental modelers or quantitative meteorologists.

Health and Medicine

It might surprise you to learn that mathematicians are becoming more sought-after in the field of health and medicine. However, most of the major recent advances in this area have been made possible by the contributions of various talented mathematicians

It’s even more surprising to note the vast array of applications that utilize mathematics in medicine—everything from modeling cancer and developing clearer scan images to tracking epidemics and growing new organs from scratch. What’s more, mathematicians are now fundamental in healthcare research; students can go into this field by becoming epidemiologists, public health experts or biomathematicians. 

Art and Entertainment

Many would assume that the arts don’t go with mathematics, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality of the modern world is that mathematicians can help artists accomplish outstanding feats that may not have been possible before. 

Mathematicians have been hired by the arts and entertainment industries to reconstruct films thought to be completely lost or to restore grand works of art and even produce more realistic images. Students can go into this creative industry can become 3D animators, video game designers, product developers, film quality restorers, and art restorers.

Architecture and the Built Environment

Modern architecture would not be where it is today without the contribution of mathematicians. They have helped push the boundaries in the world of architecture and construction. Not only have they created visually amazing designs, but they’ve also addressed vital factors such as the effect of construction on the environment as well as ensuring that the finished works would be safe for people living and working in these urban spaces. 

Students that want to go into these sectors often become architects, manufacturing consultants, operational researchers, transportation scientists, and even aerospace technologists.

Data science and AI

Artificial intelligence is completely transforming every area of economic activity when it comes to technology and task automation. Governments and companies are constantly changing their operations in order to become more efficient. Mathematicians have become indispensable in this regard, helping companies and institutions make accurate decisions based on data-driven models that reflect real-life situations, instead of relying on assumptions as in the past. 

Students wanting to go into the data science and AI sectors have a variety of careers to choose from—AI modeler, cybersecurity expert, software developer, data engineer, data scientist, machine learning expert and database administrator, among others. 

e-Commerce and Business

When it comes to e-commerce and business, mathematicians have found themselves to be invaluable resources. Post-COVID-19, there has been an increasing number of electronic transactions in the financial markets that have been powered by mathematical algorithms. There has also been a huge move towards a more electronic way of operations for energy markets, advertising, and more. 

This, as a result, has created an explosion of demand for mathematical careers in the finance and business sectors. Students can look forward to becoming actuaries, consultants, investment managers or quantitative analysts.

The sky’s the limit for mathematicians

In an era where everything is moving toward a tech-amplified world, mathematicians are sought-out in more sectors than ever before. They are necessary across the spectrum of industries, even those we would never have considered in the past. 

The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics is the perfect program for students who are natural problem-solvers and have sharp critical thinking skills. The tools and skills learned in the program will make students competitive and have an edge in whatever career they choose to go into.

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