For those of you who have yet to decide what direction you’re headed in - both academically and professionally - we have created a list of the top five most promising careers of tomorrow.

Coming out of high school, it’s difficult to have a firm understanding of what you want to do with your life and what will be the best job for you. There is no need to have it all figured out just yet, but it can be helpful to have an idea of what direction you’re headed in, particularly when you’re trying to decide on a field of undergraduate study.

At IE University, we pride ourselves on our ability to prepare students for today’s ever-evolving job market. Our relationship with public and private sector leaders allows us to identify emerging trends, and search for ways to help our students meet market demand.

For those of you who have yet to decide what direction you’re headed in – both academically and professionally – we have created a list of the top five most promising careers of tomorrow.

1. Ethical Hacker


In recent years, we have seen a notable rise in cyber attacks and malicious hacking. Companies are now more than ever interested in securing their systems and the information they possess. For this reason, companies are starting to hire “ethical” hackers who use their technical know-how to identify weak points in the system that could be vulnerable to attack. Ethical hackers are systems analysts who specialize in creating company policy surrounding information systems, detecting intrusions, and dealing with any viruses in the system.

What is and is not acceptable in the world of online security lacks a clear definition, meaning that the demand for professionals with this set of expertise will continue to be high for years to come. Considering that the position offers a median salary of roughly $92,200 USD per year, we can see why people are turning to this field for the future.

What to study at IEU: Bachelor in Information Systems Management

2. Market Research Analyst

Digital Marketing

Companies have long been aware of how important one’s image is when trying to create an identity that stands out. Market research analysts help companies develop a unique brand image by assessing market conditions in order to determine the potential sales of a product or service. These professionals answer the important questions, including what consumers want, who will buy these products or services, and how much consumers are willing to pay.

Market research analysts are also important players in the creation of marketing campaigns to attract the right kind of client. Experts have predicted that this profession will see a 19% growth from 2014 to 2024. The average job growth in this period sits at 7%, making the demand in this field well above average. Moreover, the median pay for a market research analyst in 2016 was $62,560 per year, and is expected to rise in the years to come.

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3. Front End Engineer

Front End Engineer

We all know how important first impressions are. In today’s world, most first impressions happen online, which means that companies have had to learn how to use their websites to express their personality and brand image to the world. In order to be successful in this task, businesses need front end engineers, also known as front end web developers.

On top of writing the necessary coding, these professionals must also be prepared to put themselves in the user’s position to discover ways to enhance the user experience by making websites more intuitive and effective. By 2020, this job will have grown by an impressive 22%. To further sweeten the deal, these professionals currently take home a median salary of $81,670 USD.

What to study at IEU: Bachelor in Information Systems Management

4. Computer & Information Systems Manager

Computer and information system manager

Any company that does any kind of work on computers needs a computer and information systems manager. Often referred to as information technology (IT) managers, these individuals plan, coordinate, and direct the company’s computer-related activities. This includes defining and securing the company’s IT goals on a broad scale, and effectively implementing computer systems.

As information systems have become more and more important in the workplace, this career has undergone consistent growth. Projections from 2014 to 2024 show a 15% rate of job growth in 10 years, indicating that this trend will not soon change. This is also the highest-paid profession on our top five list, with an average yearly salary of $135,800 USD for computer and information systems managers in 2016.

What to study at IEU: Bachelor in Information Systems Management

5. Logistician

This job may be the lesser-known of this list, but with a predicted 26% growth rate by 2020, it’s definitely worth considering. Logisticians are in charge of everything involved in getting a product from the supplier to the consumer. This involves coordinating and analyzing a company’s supply chain, and overseeing the entire lifecycle of the product, from acquisition, to distribution, allocation, and the eventual delivery.

Since logisticians have to work with complex computer software in order to track product movements, they are highly skilled when it comes to making processes smoother and more efficient. Although presently, logisticians specialize in physical goods, their skillset can be immensely effective in any situation that requires planning and execution. This job’s future could be in defense technology, or even emergency response.

What to study at IEU: Bachelor in Data Science

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