IEU Experience


In early Spring, IE University brought together the student body and leading international recruiters in the latest of our IE Careers Forum networking events. This initiative is in line with our overall goal of ensuring our students’ success in whatever career path they choose to embark on.

There’s no doubt that our programs equip students with the knowledge, technical capabilities and hands-on experience to launch a thriving career in their field of choice. But the academic rigor of our classrooms is complemented by invaluable extracurricular events that lay the foundations for a successful career trajectory: they provide opportunities to gain experience and establish beneficial networks in the real world of work.

Inside the IE Careers Forum

The IE Careers Forum is our biggest on-campus recruiting initiative that aims to foster student-recruiter networking. Hosted by IE Talent & Careers, the twice-a-year event allows students to discover new internship or job opportunities they can pursue both before and after graduation. 

This latest edition was held at IE Tower on March 6–8 and March 13–14. More than 80 prestigious companies from a wide range of sectors were invited to a series of industry-specific forums, talking about their firms and answering questions from students interested in working with them. They included renowned names such as Atrevia, Deloitte, DLA Piper, Novartis, Harmon Corporate Affairs, Ontier, Pérez-Llorca, BBVA and many more.

As Clara Mohr, a student of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations explains, the IE Careers Forum was the ideal opportunity “to meet actual HR professionals and see what kind of possibilities and opportunities are out there for a summer internship.” In the end, over 1,500 students participated in this unique recruiting and networking experience.

Student perspectives

For them, this event was an excellent time to start the process of building their future careers. Nicolas Imaz, a third-year student of the Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations explains it best: “I get to learn about different sectors of various industries and also gain firsthand knowledge from people that are already working in the companies and law firms, in my case, that I’m willing to work with.”

More importantly, students were also able to attain in-depth insights into various sectors while building a robust contact list that could lead to exciting prospects in the future. “You not only get a chance to ask questions, but you can also connect with people and exchange LinkedIn profiles to build a great network,” Bachelor in International Relations student Anastasia Pustovarova explains.

Laying the groundwork

In order to take maximum advantage of this opportunity, students have to be well-prepared to shine before the recruiters. IE University takes them through a number of informative Prep Sessions before the event, providing the perfect foundation and honing their networking skills to make the most of the event. 

Recruiters in attendance also offer some helpful tips to help students put their best foot forward throughout the job search and application process. Lucia Palencia is a human resources officer at top law firm Pérez-Llorca. For her, successful applicants are adept at both the hard and soft skills required in the legal profession. “An ideal candidate for Pérez-Llorca,” she says, “will not only have a solid technical and legal background but also communication and teamworking skills.” Good time management skills and the ability to work under pressure are also among the list of traits they look out for.

We have been working together with the IE Talent & Careers department and we are really satisfied with all the people that came to work with us through it.

Francisco Javier Miró Moriano, Director, Puentes Global NGO

Beneficial for everybody involved

For Marta Rózpide from Harmon Corporate Affairs, the key lies in preparation. Doing your research on a particular company and understanding its mission, vision and objectives is the best way to spark your passion to create a meaningful impact there. As for the interview process, she notes, “I would say, be precise, be sincere and always make sure to show that your interest is true.”

Marta also explained exactly why Harmon come to the IE Careers Forum, citing the type of students they meet from the IE Community: “IE University gives opportunities to young, promising professionals with a broad international mindset and well-honed digital competencies. What is important is their willingness to make a change,” she explains.
The success of the IE Careers Forum for both students and recruiters alike is summed up by Fernando Martínez Ruiz, an investment consultant for Futuro Perfecto. “The IE Careers Forum is a great opportunity for us to gain top talent, because of the high level of the students at IE University. That’s why we’re always looking forward to connecting with the great students here.”

A resounding endorsement of the value of the event for our students and the firms IE University has built collaborative relationships with, and of the relentless work we do to set students on the career path of their choice.