IE University’s Bachelor in Humanities is designed to equip you with the analytical and digital skills necessary to succeed in today’s changing environment. This innovative program explores the past, present and future in order to address the questions humanity has previously confronted and will continue to confront for years to come. Read on to learn more about this transformational journey.

A brief description of the program

The Bachelor in Humanities at IE University is the first of its kind in Spain. Offering a transformative academic experience, the program will fuse classic knowledge with contemporary developments in order to prepare you to make a lasting difference in society and beyond. Over the course of the program, you will address challenging questions, ponder the reasons behind our choices and why they matter, and explore the humanities to understand our world.

The program is designed for curious leaders who seek to understand the inevitable intersection between culture and technology as it shapes our past, present and future. 

The program structure

Featuring a unique study plan, the Bachelor in Humanities helps you unlock your critical thinking and practical skills to explore new paths for your professional future. The four-year program is located in both Segovia and Madrid, with the opportunity to take a semester abroad in the final year. 

In the first year and second year, you will build a solid base in the humanities. While living in the charming city of Segovia, you will begin building the bridge between the past and future by integrating humanistic inquiry and complex global movements. The first year will also dive into the essential technical skills necessary to put knowledge into action in the digital world. Here you will also explore the IE Creativity Center, your first opportunity to take in unique versions of humanistic expression. 

The third year will bring you to Madrid to continue your intellectual journey. While you immerse yourself in creative and cultural industries, our experienced faculty will help guide you as you develop analytical skills and learn to lead innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. In these two years, you’ll explore the diversity of humanity, learn advanced research methods, gain the skills to tackle ethical and sustainable challenges and personalize your experience with electives. 

Where can you go with the Bachelor in Humanities?

The Bachelor in Humanities gives you the space to explore the world around you and forge a hands-on career in the arts and humanities with a solid foundation in human heritage. If you are interested in becoming a cultural institution manager, a UX researcher, a technology ethics consultant, a creative director or more, this program will help guide you there. 

The program provides two tracks for you to follow your career goals. You will have the opportunity to select from an Arts and Cultural Management track and an Advanced Digital Methods and Tools track. When you choose the Arts and Cultural Management track, you will explore cultural analysis, fundraising and project management, while the Advanced Digital Methods and Tools Track focuses on data processing and designing humanities-based content. 

Why is the program unique?

IE University’s partnership with UNESCO provides an enriching learning environment. The curriculum and academic initiatives foster interactive learning experiences that encourage you to apply your skills and newly acquired knowledge in workshops, group projects, dynamic sessions and mentorship opportunities. 

Beyond the classroom, the Bachelor in Humanities gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons, personally, academically, culturally and professionally. From exchange programs and clubs to our hands-on labs, you will find what you’re looking for. 

Transform your career, answer humanity’s questions and explore your future. Learn more about the Bachelor in Humanities here