Isabella Deshon, originally from Nicaragua, describes herself as a passionate individual with a strong interest in the arts. This interest led her to study the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University. She’s also actively involved in extracurricular activities which have enabled her to pursue her passions, such as the IE Theater Club, and is active on social media, where she showcases her illustration and photography skills. We spoke to Isabella about her experience of the program and her plans for the future.

Why did you choose to study the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University?

This degree has allowed me to explore not only filmmaking, which is what I’m truly passionate about, but also other fields: I’ve explored public affairs and public relations and also studied law and journalism. I consider myself to be a rather emotional person, so I like to be able to express those emotions. Also, I don’t want to brag, but I think I draw pretty well!

How did you get into filmmaking?

When I was growing up, my dad would take me to the movies on Saturdays: we would go to the mall and then watch a movie at night. I enjoyed this and would always look forward to it. However, I didn’t really get into film until I got into high school. I accidentally took a course called iMovie. I didn’t want to take it, because it wasn’t going to get me into the top schools. Well, fast-forward—it was in that class that I discovered the passion I had for editing and making videos, and ultimately just for filmmaking.

Isabella Deshon

Tell us about your extracurricular experiences at IE University.
I really enjoy acting, and I don’t think I’m that bad at it. For the past two years, that’s what I’ve been doing with IE Theater Club. What I do is basically bring the vision that the director has onto the stage through the character that I am assigned. 

All the students connect through these sorts of activities. They’re more relaxed—it’s not necessarily a networking opportunity, more an opportunity to just be yourself. And then this year, we did another play, (Not) the Breakfast Club. That was amazing. People loved it as well.

Can you tell us more about the IE International Short Film Festival, for which you were the director?

The short film festival was really a big opportunity for me, because it has taught me so much about what I can do, and that I’m capable of doing so much. It’s really fulfilling to think that, with the help of many other people, I can bring this kind of opportunity not only to IE University, but to people from the outside and show it to the world. Film is so important; we can show the beauty behind film and reinforce that in people’s minds.

Students posing IE Film Festival

What tips would you give to someone thinking of studying the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media?

I wouldn’t even have imagined myself managing an event like this or directing it. Even if you’re afraid, it’s better to do things while being afraid. Do that thing that you’re afraid of while holding the hand of fear, and just jump into it: the fear will dissipate. 

What have you learned from your experience at IE University?

Technology is important, science is important: we need it in order to innovate. But I think without a purpose to keep going and without a purpose to keep innovating, there’s no real point. And I think it’s stories that give us that purpose and that really make us see why we do the things we do. Coming here was a big step for me, and I think I have grown a lot because of it. So I definitely recommend this independent and beautiful overall experience to anyone.