How do you envision the legal landscape in the 21st century?

The International Bar Association (IBA) Young Lawyers’ Committee has partnered with IE Law School in order to predict the challenges and trends the 21st-century lawyer will face, taking into consideration the global panorama. To this end, it has created the Young Lawyer Training Course – The Fundamentals of International Legal Business Practice: Challenges and Trends for the XXI Century Lawyer.

The Young Lawyer Training Course presents a great opportunity for professional lawyers and law students to develop and enhance the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st-century global workplace. Event supporters include prestigious law firms and institutions such as the IBA, Cuatrecasas, Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, International Law Office, Lexology, Pérez-Llorca, Roca Junyent and IE Law School.

This daylong training course will take place on March 15 at IE Law School in Madrid. It will provide students with panels focused on topics key to their development and education, preparing them to face unforeseen challenges in the 21st century.
The training course will cover:

1. Legal Tech

Exponential changes in technology are shaping a new panorama in the legal industry. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, professionals from various fields will address laws related to technology, cybersecurity and blockchain, and the implications they have for lawyers.

2. Developing Leadership and Management Skills for Lawyers

Leadership training is key for lawyers’ professional development, allowing them to stand out in the legal arena and learn how to approach future challenges in day-to-day work. During the training course, leadership will be approached from a legal and global perspective, giving students insight into key aspects of this skill within the international context.

3. The Contribution of the Legal Profession and Legal Clinics to Society

Lawyers make a significant contribution to the fairness and justice of our society through their work. Legal clinics are part of this contribution, representing lawyers’ social responsibility. This topic will be discussed mainly in the context of legal clinics in the US and Spain.

IE Law School

Read more about the conference program here.

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