Preparing the next generation of professionals to be capable of harnessing the power of technology.

IE University has launched an innovative Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management that focuses on Technology and Innovation Management. It is designed to prepare the tech-experts who will build the digital future.

We spoke to Lee Newman, Dean of the School of Human Sciences and Technology, to learn more about this exciting new degree.

Lee Newman

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What is the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology?

In talking with corporate recruiters, what we hear repeatedly is that they want to hire young professionals with job-specific training who are also trained to think and work across traditional disciplines. For example, communications departments seek professionals who not only understand corporate branding and identity, but who also have the technical fluency to understand how to monitor data on social media, and who know how to study the behavior of consumers to reveal insights.

The mission of IE School of Human Sciences and Technology is to educate exactly this type of next-generation professional by combining three disciplines that have traditionally been independent: behavioral and social sciences, communication and media, and data science and technology. Currently, our school is home to about 450 students across six master’s degrees and three bachelor’s degrees. We are poised for rapid growth in the upcoming years, with plans to launch new and innovative degrees that combine our three core areas of knowledge.

What is the Bachelor in Information Systems Management at IE University?

Technology is a disruptive force that can improve how we live and work. It can help employees tackle key challenges across all areas of a business, and also be brought to bear on making progress on important world challenges such as climate change, health, and security. As a disruptive force, technology is often resisted, even when it is needed the most.

This is why we believe it is so critical to educate young technologists in understanding and managing innovation. Our students will learn how to run innovation processes, how to drive technological change within an organization, and how to manage continuous innovation over time.

Who should study this degree?

The Bachelor in Information Systems Management has been designed for students who are innovative problem-solvers, fascinated by technology. Students of this bachelor are passionate about discovering and implementing technological solutions to address difficult challenges.

We have designed a hands-on and innovative degree that will help these young professionals to be at the vanguard of the digital world, and that will help them play a crucial role where technology, innovation, and business meet.

Where can graduates of this degree work and doing what?

The world needs professionals capable of promoting and managing technological change. Young professionals trained in the fields of technology and innovation are important assets both for big corporations and pioneering new ventures. Graduates of this degree will have highly diverse career paths available to them. For example, they will be able to work in high-tech startups, in corporate IT departments, in corporate innovation centers, in technological R&D labs, or in technology and innovation consulting firms.

How do technology and entrepreneurship complement each other at IEU?

An entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of what IE University is all about. Here at IEU, students have at their disposal all the resources needed to bring their business initiatives and ideas to reality. Our students are encouraged to forge their own unique educational paths by tailoring their IEU labs, internships, international exchange programs, and Final Projects to their specific interests and goals.