By studying the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws at IE University, students are prepared to become the next generation of global change-makers. Ready to tackle any challenge ahead, students of this Dual Degree program learn how to synthesize the abundance of knowledge learned at university and apply it to their work in the professional world.

This Dual Degree allows students to pursue a range of careers, aligning their passions with an acquired skill-set, ready for anywhere their aspirations may take them.

Tomorrow’s Job Market

Students today are faced with a challenging amount of obstacles and competition when entering the job market. And this is only going to increase. For this reason, it is essential that students are provided with support, fundamental knowledge, and invaluable experience to help ease their transition into the professional world.

At IE University, we understand the importance of ensuring our students stand out from the rest. Our faculty of esteemed practitioners and academics know exactly how to prepare our students for this challenging time ahead. Professors at IE University apply their first-hand knowledge in all aspects of university life, whether it’s lectures, clubs, IEU Labs, or personal mentoring. As such, students at IE University are more than equipped with the skills they need when entering the job market of tomorrow.

The Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws

The Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws at IE University is a challenging program which helps students launch their careers in both global business and law—providing them with the key analytical skills needed to tackle dynamic and complex corporate settings. The focus on international content throughout the program enables students to find effective solutions for international issues.

By incorporating a comprehensive mix of both sides of this Dual Degree, students are able to understand and experience international business from both a managerial and legal perspective.

Led by two world-renowned schools—the IE Business School and the IE Law School—the program follows an innovative teaching model, involving all the fundamental principles of teaching at IE University: unsurpassable academic tradition, an entrepreneurial spirit seeping through the halls, and an international environment connecting students to the business world.

The Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws includes a range of courses which have been specifically designed to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. While in the first year you will undertake fundamental classes to help understand international business from both a managerial and legal perspective, from the second year onwards, you will have the opportunity to study more in-depth topics related to economics, globalization, entrepreneurship, and corporate law.


A Career Path Tailored to You

Students at IE University are encouraged and guided towards creating a personalized study path to help reach their unique career goals. Faculties from both schools provide guidance and resources to help you achieve your full potential. You’ll also be able to choose from internships, exchange programs, and initiatives, like Law Unplugged, to better understand global challenges in the real world.

As a student at IE University, you will have exclusive access to a widely international network. Not only will your classmates join you in becoming diverse, globally focused professionals, but you will also have access to international opportunities through internships at top law firms and leading corporations. These experiences will be vital to help you stand out among your peers when entering tomorrow’s job market.

If you wish to experience an entirely new culture and enhance your studies with new global perspectives, you have the chance to take advantage of our study abroad program; what better way to gain international experience than studying at a prestigious international university.

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Launch your career as a financial analyst, risk analyst, business analyst, or marketing research analyst now and choose to study the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws. By studying just one extra year, you will receive two undergraduate diplomas upon graduation.

Make tomorrow’s job market a reality today.