Tiziana Mora de Kort is a Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations student, with a keen interest in business and a global mindset. She’s currently participating in the Young Corporate Program, a unique experience at IE University to gain professional experience. We spoke to her about her IE University experience and what she’s learned as part of the program.

Having a mentor with experience truly opens your mind.

Tiziana Mora de Kort

I’m from Costa Rica and I am studying for a Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations. I chose this program because I have a great interest in both degrees. Initially, I was more inclined to study business administration, but I was well aware that in a globalized world, understanding the interconnectedness across the world was crucial.

The Young Corporate Program connects IE University’s up-and-coming talent with organizations across many different sectors. Bachelor students participate in a tailor-made professional experience across many different periods of their degree. Together with the corporate world, they work towards a shared goal of creating a future of talent, innovation and growth.

How did you find out about the Young Corporate Program?

I found out about the opportunity through IE Talent & Careers. They send us a lot of different opportunities via email and this one stood out to me as a great opportunity to truly immerse myself in the corporate world—something that fascinates me as a business administration student.

Which company and department are you currently working with as part of the Young Corporate Program?

Thanks to the Youth Corporate Program, I was offered an internship in Kraft & Walkers, a store and emerging fashion business accelerator. Since the company is a startup with not a vast number of employees, I had the opportunity to work across multiple departments. My responsibilities covered a wide range of business areas, from operations to social media—so I’ve definitely learned a lot as part of the experience and broadened my skill set.

I’ve just finished my internship with the company and am now in contact with Rodrigo, Kraft & Walker’s CEO.

What has the experience taught you?

As a Costa Rican, the Young Corporate Program gave me knowledge of Madrid’s business community. I’ve had the good fortune to meet important figures in Spanish corporations and grow my network as a result. It has given me a clear glimpse of what it is like working in a company and what my future could look like.

How do you think the Young Corporate Program will help you in your professional future? 

The program has taught me the importance of a mentor.  Rodrigo has given me great personal and professional advice, and he has talked to me about his failures and successes. Being able to talk to someone with experience and find out what they’ve learned already as part of their career truly opens your mind.

How has IE Talent & Careers assisted you throughout this process?

IE Talent & Careers stays well connected with the Youth Corporate Program students through email, making sure we are progressing in our roles and that it’s a beneficial learning experience. 

Do you have any recommendations for future students that would like to join the Young Corporate Program? 

Students should definitely enroll in the Youth Corporate Program, in my opinion. I would advise students not to be shy when reaching out to potential colleagues at the firm to introduce themselves and ask any necessary questions. Making yourself stand out to the company is essential for the application and being enthusiastic in getting to know the company makes a great impression.  

I would definitely recommend the experience. Make the most of it!

Can you sum up the Young Corporate Program in one sentence?

Mentorship is crucial for personal and professional development.

The Young Corporate Program has given me a clear glimpse of what it is like working in a company.

Tiziana Mora de Kort