There are a lot of reasons to study computer science and artificial intelligence. You’re probably familiar with them all: tech is everywhere, there’s a lack of talent in the field, you’ll find high-paying jobs across sectors… the list goes on. But before you can begin making waves, you need a program that will help you take on the future.

IE University’s Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence will prepare you with the tech skills you need to stay both relevant and ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced world. Here are five ways IE University’s new Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence will make you stand out as a dynamic professional ready to lead the way in the international business market.

The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence sets you up with a strong foundation in AI and computer science, which is the gold standard of tech. After learning the theory, you’ll get your hands dirty with real-world challenges, a tech studio approach to learning, that give you first-hand experience in diverse fields.

Throughout your program, you will complete practical projects in computer science and AI, solving real-world challenges using cloud-based resources and industry best practices.

IEU Labs

Apart from the program-specific practical learning, IEU Labs offer the opportunity to explore disciplines outside of your degree, delving into areas like innovation, tech, or entrepreneurship. These labs are additional to your main degree program, are fully tutored, and give you the chance to work on professional projects in close collaboration with prestigious companies. By working on interdisciplinary endeavors in a hands-on setting, you can solve real-life challenges and gain real-world professional skills, helping you turn recruiter heads in a competitive professional environment.

Bachelor in Information Systems Management

International internships

IE University is recognized as a leading institution of higher education worldwide. With corporate partners across international industries, you will have the chance to complete an internship that will boost your professional experience—while potentially opening your first career door.

Many IEU students find a job right after they graduate; often continuing where they began as an intern. About 80% of IEU students participate in an internship at international companies or organizations that are making a real impact.

Exchange programs

IEU is an incredibly diverse university. With over 130 student nationalities and 75% of students coming from outside Spain, you will have a global experience right on the IEU campus located in Segovia and Madrid. Working in teams with people from around the world offers a chance to gain new perspectives. It means you will understand computer science, AI, and their applications and implications from a new point of view, growing a broader context for your entire learning journey.

Gawa IE University

But you will also have the chance to study abroad while completing the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. This allows you to make even more connections, mature your cross-cultural soft skills, and invigorate your studies with an incredible travel experience. IEU has over 160 prestigious partner institutions in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Studying abroad means you can begin your career as a global player, before you’ve even graduated.

Intensive master’s degrees to pair with your bachelor

The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is a comprehensive program that will prepare you for the fast-paced world of tech. You’ll be ready to take on jobs like digital environment specialist, cybersecurity specialist, blockchain developer, machine learning engineer, or augmented reality engineer. But we all know the benefits of going one step further. IEU offers exciting master’s degree programs that complement your undergrad degree in computer science and AI, including the Master in Computer Science and the Master in Management.

These master’s programs allow you to pursue a more specific area you may have discovered while studying the bachelor’s degree. Further specialization will help you build key skills, and stand out from the crowd as an innovation guru in the field of your choice.

Focus on entrepreneurship

IE University is guided by an entrepreneurial spirit. The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial intelligence is designed for students who want to explore the cutting-edge of programming, mathematics, and analytics in order to innovatively spark change across borders and across sectors. You will be encouraged to venture forward into unknown territory, equipped with the resources and support to make things happen.


Whether you want to start you own venture, or become a fearless creative mind in the world of computer science, artificial intelligence, and technology, this program will get you there. From IE Entrepreneurship Evenings to the IE Startup Lab, IE Venture Lab, and the Business Plan Challenge, all students at IEU have the chance to unleash their creativity and make their name as adventurous forgers of the future.