Discover a world of opportunity with IE University’s Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics.

In a progressively globalized and digitalized world, the demand for a holistic and analytical approach to complex global problems is increasing all the time. By combining a multidimensional understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the four pillars of our modern social and governmental systems—philosophy, politics, law, and economics—IE University’s Bachelor in PPLE provides you with the tools to make impactful and innovative change in today’s dynamic, fast-paced world.

You’ll be transformed into a proactive change-maker with hands-on experience in four pioneering fields, trained in everything from critical thinking, human behavior and mathematics, to macroeconomics, international law, and writing and public speaking. This degree will mold you into a highly sought-after strategic and analytical professional, able to shape the future of the world’s governments, societies, and organizations.

Here are just a handful of the countless career opportunities within your reach with a Bachelor in PPLE:


The study of law will sharpen your mind, develop your abstract thinking and problem-solving, and enhance your research and analytical skills, encouraging you to constantly examine the world around you. Likewise, a deep understanding of politics and economics will open your eyes to the profound impact these areas have on legal systems across the globe.

As a lawyer, your job will be to combine your critical thinking skills, analytical mind, and extensive knowledge of political and economic theory to provide solid legal advice and guidance to government institutions, large organizations, and individuals.

And if you’re forever yearning for more, there’s no reason to stop there—with continued hard work you’ll climb the legal ladder. Barrister? Judge? The world’s your oyster.

Political Analyst

Politics forms part of our everyday lives. After all, politicians make decisions about a country’s healthcare, education, defense, the law—you name it, politics is almost always involved. No other field of study has such a widespread influence on today’s societies and studying politics is more exciting than it’s ever been.

Political analysts interpret, analyze, and evaluate political programs and policies, make informed recommendations to institutions and organizations, and use qualitative and quantitative data to forecast political, economic, and social trends. This may include researching the relationship between the US and China, advising a nation’s leader on a foreign country’s trade policy, or analyzing election results to forecast political trends. As you’ll have gathered, political analysts have a real power to transform governments from the inside out. So, what are you waiting for?

Economic Consultant

Why are some countries wealthier than others? What causes recessions? Why do exchange rates change? Why do some women earn less than men? Ever wondered how to answer these questions? Welcome to the life of an economic consultant!

Economics, essentially the study of how people use resources, teaches you how to examine and assess the effect of policy on society, design more effective and robust economic models, and analyze data to predict market trends. As an economic consultant, you’ll have the chance to drive change and innovation in leading corporations like Deloitte and EY, global NGOs such as Oxfam and Greenpeace, and governments around the world.

Global Policy Maker

Global policy making is all about tackling challenges unique to this exact moment in history.
IE University’s Bachelor in PPLE will provide you with the multidisciplinary outlook and comprehensive skill set you need to become a holistic, critical, and logical global policy-maker.
In particular, a mastery of philosophy will empower you with a deep perspective of reality and an ability to evaluate the real-world implications of different ideological approaches to today’s biggest problems.

In this role, you’ll design transformative strategies for international organizations, NGOs and governments, allowing you to influence the policies of tomorrow. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to have a say on some of the world’s most pressing issues, including climate change, gender equality, and unemployment.

Financial Journalist

Although many traditional roles in journalism may be in decline, financial journalism is flourishing. With a background in PPLE, you’ll finish your degree with an expert ability to analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data in order to identify and examine important market movements and trade policies. This will give you a considerable advantage when it comes to excelling in the competitive world of journalism.

Using the wide-ranging skills acquired in this degree, you’ll be able to put pen to paper to describe and explain global financial problems to people around the world who aren’t economic experts, improving understanding of how our economies work and driving change from the bottom up.

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Where will PPLE take you?

IE University’s revolutionary Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics will instil in you the ability to tackle global changes through four unique lenses, shaping you into a highly qualified, future-forward professional with an endless variety of career paths to choose from. Expect to be actively recruited by world-class corporations even before you graduate, providing you with a wealth of opportunities to make long-lasting and meaningful change in the world.