IEU Experience


Anselme Charleslouis Ticquet has always been passionate about economics and social sciences. After finalizing his French Baccalauréat, he came a long way to study at IE University. Now in his final year of the Bachelor in International Relations, he recently got a unique opportunity to realize a long-held dream—to complete an exchange semester abroad. We recently caught up with Anselme to understand how the experience helped to shape his personality, outlook and professional future.

Anselme Ticquet IEU student

I’ve always been intrigued by the political economy and its implications for society’s development. That’s why, from the very start of my academic career, I’ve focused on trying to understand economics and the social sciences. This drove me to IE University, where I’ve spent the last four years building my knowledge and expertise in these fields and others through the Bachelor in International Relations.

Recently, I got to pursue my interest internationally by participating in the university’s exchange program. I spent a semester abroad in Tokyo at the renowned Hitotsubashi University, where I learned about applied economics; monetary, fiscal and social policy; and the intricacies of Asia-Pacific international relations. I also joined the ice hockey team, immersed myself in the Japanese language and culture, and developed a broader, more global perspective in a new context. 

Why did you choose to participate in IE University’s international exchange program? 

I am currently a fourth-year student of the Bachelor in International Relations, focused on finishing my undergraduate degree and working on my thesis. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, as it allows you to attend a different institution while traveling and spending some time in a completely new cultural environment. Actually, I was supposed to go to Shanghai last year, but it was canceled due to the global pandemic. However, my plans finally came to fruition and I went to Tokyo, Japan for my exchange semester, where I attended Hitotsubashi University—a leading public university that specializes in economics and social sciences.  

How did IE University help you align an exchange semester abroad with your goals for the future?

IE University gives interested students a list of all its partner universities around the world, highlighting the various eligibility requirements for each institution—including grades, language skills and all the programs available. I also referred to the relevant academic exchange website, which provided all the additional information I needed. 

Our career advisors were also of great help whenever I was indecisive about which university to join or didn’t know what factors I should prioritize when making my choice. Additionally, I had the chance to consult with an academic advisor who assisted me in navigating the important decisions I had to make throughout the process. 

The university’s International Mobility Office provided a lot of support and resources too, at every step of the way. They also helped me make sense of all the administrative and admission requirements of my host university in Tokyo. 

What did you miss most about IE University while on exchange?

IE University has outstanding facilities and the IE Experiences helps prove how privileged we are to attend the institution. Having learned from professors who are leading industry practitioners is also a big asset that very few universities have. Furthermore, other renowned institutions tend to prioritize the academics and research produced by their faculty, but I believe equipping students to be future professionals and leaders is equally important.  

How does IE University’s exchange program help enhance students’ academic experience?

You get the chance to study in a new environment and with different teaching methodologies, which helps expand your skill set. Also, having to adapt to another culture prepares you for a global workplace and definitely adds value to your professional profile. Personally, it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my ambitions and to think about my aspirations from a different paradigm. 

What’s your advice for other students who want to take advantage of this opportunity?

Go for it! Being able to attend other universities worldwide is a unique opportunity to tailor your own narrative. Whether you want to focus on the academics, cultural aspects, or language opportunities, your exchange semester abroad will help you find your path and strengthen your personal and professional profile.