Meet Rayco Tarrida, one of the inspiring characters at IEU

IEU brings together extraordinary individuals who have unique stories and experiences to share, creating a community that excites and inspires. Rayco Tarrida, a Bachelor in International Relations student is one of those individuals. He has not only established himself as a DJ in Madrid, mixing at some of the best clubs in the city—including Goya Social Club, Teatro Barcelo and Kapital—he also juggles entrepreneurship and a heavy course load at IEU. Rayco brings a lot to our community, and the exhilarating environment at IEU has given him a lot in return.

«IE has been one of the best choices I’ve made in my life»

How did you develop your interest in music into a profession?

My passion for music has always been within me. From a young age, I had an interest and this developed into playing the drums and later on, the saxophone (which I don’t remember much). From there it evolved as my music tastes changed. When I was 13, I got into electronic music and it was a year later when I started DJing. However, it was not until I became 18 that I started playing at clubs.

It was once I started making money from this when I decided to also organize my own events, being burnt out by Madrid’s nightlife and the way it has been working up to now, seeking money rather than talent, which in turn created a negative atmosphere within the club. I made it my personal mission to organise events in which the DJs are local talented people, who otherwise may have not had the chance to play at some of the best clubs in Madrid.

How do you balance studying and working as a DJ at the same time?

It is something which has taken me a lot of time to learn how to balance. It is hard to organise both, mainly due to the difference in hours, university taking place during the day and DJ, well, mainly at night. The one lesson I learned which may be useful is that; in order for things to flow it is important to divide the work into smaller tasks and to organise these in order of priority.

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What is the best part of being a DJ? What do you enjoy the most?

The best part without doubt is the feeling. The moment when you are playing your own song or a song you love, at a club which is full as a result of the work my team and I have put into it and the reaction we get from the people. It creates a magical atmosphere of love and unity between all ravers, which DJs really feel. It’s like a bond which arises as a result of music. There are a lot of perks as well, but this is, without doubt, the best part of being a DJ.

Why did you choose IE University?

I chose IE University because of two things, first, its academic curriculum really fitted my personality and second, it was an international university within Madrid, thus allowing me to pursue my career as a DJ in Madrid and consolidate my status here whilst being surrounded by an international atmosphere. IE has been one of the best choices I’ve made in my life, not only because of everything I’ve learnt, which in some cases has had an influence on my music or business direction, but also because of the environment and the people I am surrounded by.