In the first episode of the Going To IEU podcast, we have a chat with second-year undergraduate student Miguel Amengual, and senior manager for admissions, Sofía Rondán, about their unique experiences at IE University.

The past few years have brought an irrevocable change to our world brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The business landscape is evolving rapidly to adjust to the new normal, and it’s imperative that professionals of the future do the same. Educational models of the past will no longer be sufficient to prepare students for the new workplace, where flexibility, adaptability and technological know-how are valued just as much as technical skills.  

That is why innovative models like Liquid Learning, unique to IE University, are such a draw to students like Miguel Amengual. In this episode, the second-year Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics student, along with senior manager for admissions, Sofía Rondán, chat with host, Nick Besso, about why IE University is the perfect place to train the professionals of the future.

Making the right choice

Miguel describes how his journey to IE University started in the middle of the pandemic. He had already applied to another institution, but a well-timed comment from a friend and his own subsequent research led him in a different direction. Once Miguel discovered that IE University offered his preferred program in data and business analytics as a bachelor’s degree, his choice was made. 

It wasn’t too long after that discovery that he began the application process. Miguel confirms that the first steps were relatively simple. He began by filling out the application form and completing his admission test, a process that was easily completed online.  Afterwards, he moved on to the Kira online assessment. Sofía explains that this is a tool that helps the admissions team learn more about you. Prospective students are asked three different questions about the university’s core values: technology and innovation, diversity, and humanities.  

Miguel goes on to explain that the online assessment turned out to be a great way to build confidence for the face-to-face interview stage. Here, you get the chance to elaborate on your reasons for choosing IE University, as well as your ambitions. He notes that the admissions team is very helpful and personable throughout this process.  Sofía confirms that the academic standards are high at IE University. However, the admissions team looks for more than scholastic excellence in prospective students. They also dive into your extracurricular achievements and long-term career plans to get a well-rounded view of each candidate.

Liquid Learning saves the day

IE University has been a pioneer in an innovative hybrid approach to learning for the last 20 years. This has led to the development of our unique Liquid Learning model. Simply put, Liquid Learning uses the newest technology to allow for both virtual and in-person learning to anyone, from anywhere in the world. This blending of the virtual and physical world ensures that students and faculty from over 140 nationalities are equally involved in the IE Community.

The Liquid Learning approach has been especially vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Various lockdowns made in-person classes impossible when Miguel started at the Segovia Campus last year.  He explains that it was a lot to get used to early on. The first few months mainly involved conference-style classes and asynchronous activities. However, he soon adjusted to the new dynamic. Miguel admits that this is a great way to keep learning despite difficult external conditions.   

A strong focus on learning and entrepreneurship

At IE University, learning goes beyond the classroom. Students have the opportunity to engage in fun, interactive classes as part of their technical training. But, they also have access to a wide range of extracurricular resources to give them practical, real-world work experience. One of the most important of these are the IE University Labs.

Miguel explains that the IE Labs are like traditional internships. They allow first and second-year students to gain hands-on experience and start building a professional profile while on campus. You get to work with a real company on real projects with your classmates and there are many options to choose from, depending on your area of interest.   The goal is to empower students to pursue their dreams through entrepreneurship. Sofia makes this clear when she points out that entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of IE University. It’s a core philosophy that is applied across the board, regardless of what program you are studying. The idea is to give students the tools to turn their ideas into reality. Whether you want to start a business or even write a novel, IE University will give you the knowledge and skills you need to turn it into a tangible project. 

You can also work in a junior enterprise, Miguel explains. Basically, this is a worldwide network of companies founded by students. The main aim is to provide consulting for startups that don’t have the resources to access those services yet. Right now, he is involved in JIIE Consulting and works with both bachelor’s and master’s program students. He says that it has been a great opportunity to provide beneficial advice to real companies, as well as network with other players in the startup world. Sofia adds that there are many opportunities to start building your network right from your first year. Like Miguel, you can join the track team or any other sport or social club that appeals to your personality and interests. It serves as the perfect way to meet people, expand your network and enrich your university experience. They both agree that their time at IE University has been fun, exciting and innovative—the full IE Experience.

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