IEU Experience


When the COVID-19 pandemic started, IE University quickly adapted to the new reality by moving to online classes. Being a unique driver of innovation that is adaptable to new technologies, the university was prepared for this.

The new system, called Liquid Learning, gave us the chance to feel like this new reality was “normal.” Now, we’re living in a completely different way, but nine months ago we couldn’t have imagined it. Could we have predicted that this would happen? Could we have thought that in such a short time, we’d have such a powerful tool like Liquid Learning that lets us have classes all around the world and feel like we’re all in the same classroom?

This methodology is an incredible tool that IE University has created and developed in a way that allows us to feel like we’re leading relatively normal lives.

So, what is Liquid Learning? Liquid Learning works in such a way that it makes us feel like we’re physically in class even if we are far away. In my case, I’m in Madrid so I actually have the chance to go to every single class. Even though this new reality is sad and I wish all my classmates could be in class with me as well, it’s amazing how it really feels like we’re all in the same class, especially because you have the screen with everyone’s faces on it.

IE University has managed to organize and execute all this in a very short time. We have several different class formats that help us make the most of this:

Face-to-face classes:

These are the classes that we attend on campus, and students who cannot attend are at home. Like I said before, it really feels like we are all there together. Classes are delivered in a very safe way with masks, distance, open windows, and a very clean and hygienic space. I feel so safe, and that we’re all in this together.

Video conference classes:

These are online classes delivered by Zoom. They are very interactive and have breakout rooms. Even though it’s online, you’re constantly participating, engaging and learning.

Learning outside of class:

We also have “classes” outside of the normal ones, where for one day or one week you develop a project. Professors design this type of class depending on its content. I feel that this type of learning has been the most practical and positive of all. It’s delivered in a very organized way that helps you make the most of the theoretical element. You get to put into practice what you’ve been studying and learn from it.

Discussion forums:

These are classes where we get to have presentations, projects and conversations all delivered in the discussion forum online. We have different challenges and tasks, and then we can comment on and follow other students’ ideas. It is very interesting because you get to deeply understand how other students think and how we develop our skills. We have debates and conversations on the discussion board, and we get to discover other students’ perspectives.

All in all, we’ve been able to see how in this ever-changing world, Liquid Learning has helped us learn in a hybrid manner, both in a digital and physical way. It makes our education very constant, with an experience that is active, unique and reflective. It has had a totally positive impact on the way we learn about what we love.

For me, this experience of Liquid Learning has been an excellent example of how we can make the most out of difficult times. We can really dive into Liquid Learning by feeling how it flows between the physical and digital world. In my case, going to face-to-face classes and seeing how efficient Liquid Learning really is, I believe it is the key to quality education in our modern world. It’s incredible to see how people around the world from South America to Asia, Australia, North America and Europe are all in the same class and learning and feeling in the same way. Some are behind a screen and others like me are sitting in a classroom, but the learning and the engagement is completely the same.

Liquid Learning has created an environment that is conducive to learning, to educating and to experiencing. It’s allowed us to break down barriers and feel connected even if our classmates are far away. It creates a safe environment for us students to be motivated and grow.

I am very happy and grateful for how IE University has managed to create this Liquid Learning format, which inspires us to drive innovation and promote education.