IEU Experience


Claudia Poudereux, a Madrid native and current student of the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences decided IE University was the best place for her undergraduate studies. She’s enjoying her program and is also president of IE Climbing Club and vice-president of IE Well-Being Club.

IEU Bachelor in Behavioral Sciences student Claudia Poudereaux
Claudia Poudereaux

I’m Claudia Poudereux and I’m from Madrid. I decided to stay in Madrid thanks to the opportunity to study at the best university in Spain while still enjoying of Madrid’s environment and nightlife, staying close to my family and friends, and being able to meet a lot of international people. On the weekends, I enjoy going climbing in the mountains of Madrid and getting some fresh air out of the city.

What attracted you to the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences?

What attracted me to the program was its multidisciplinary and innovative approach. It’s not just psychology or a Bachelor in Business Administration, it’s the sweet spot between them. Plus, it includes some data analysis and a scientific approach, which I personally really enjoy. 

Why is it important to study human behavior?

Where there are people, there is behavior—behavior is everywhere and being able to understand it gives you a lot of power. It is the basis of our existence; it is something that we can measure; it is precise and reflects our inner thoughts and the decision-making processes of a person. 

We think we are rational human beings and that we always take the best option, but we are mostly irrational. Moreover, we like to believe that we are unique, but everyone goes through very similar cognitive processes and will find the same resistance and motivation factors. I find it fascinating to learn about human behavior because you learn to see the world through a different lens.  

Which Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences courses do you enjoy the most and why?

The Influence & Persuasion course is very practical and teaches us mind-blowing information. You see how businesses apply the techniques and you can even apply them yourself when giving speeches, negotiating an offer or in daily life. 

I also enjoy the Data Analysis course because I love data and it is super useful for our degree to understand both people and numbers. It also gives us an advantage toward other similar or psychology-based degrees in other universities. 

Finally, Psychology of Cognition & Emotion is similar to Influence & Persuasion because it is very practical and applied. You understand what stimuli make a person focus on an ad or not, or why the supermarkets are organized the way they are, among other things. This course is centered in understanding behavior from a cognitive point of view.