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Gal Benzadon spent the first fourteen years of her life in Colombia before moving to São Paulo, Brazil. Then, at the age of sixteen, she moved to Madrid, Spain. Having grown up in several different countries and attended various international schools, Gal quickly learned to become flexible and to adapt to new surroundings, often outside her comfort zone. She speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, Hebrew, and some French.

After graduating from the International College in Spain (ICS), she decided to take a gap year to volunteer, study, work, and take some courses. Her unique experiences during this time—along with those she gained through the many changes she went through in her early life—prepared her to start the next chapter of her educational career at IE University, which is where she says she feels most at home.

Gal is currently pursuing her passion as she works toward a bachelor’s degree in communication and digital media. It has been her lifelong dream to study marketing and advertising, so naturally she found IE University’s Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media to be the perfect fit for her long-term professional goals.

She appreciates the wide range of opportunities that IE University has to offer. During her time there, Gal has attended seminars, joined the Women in Business Club, and collaborated on new ideas and social media initiatives in the IEU Wellbeing Center. She also had the chance to work in social media and website creation during a summer internship at a startup in Tel Aviv.

Currently, Gal is completing a one-year internship with IE University’s Marketing Department, where she regularly gets to apply her academic knowledge to real-world situations, while improving her time-management and organization skills. This internship, she says, has been the cherry on top of her college experience.

On a personal note, Gal enjoys all that life in Madrid has to offer. In her spare time she likes to exercise, stroll the dynamic streets of the city, and spend time with family and friends. She loves traveling to new places, learning about other cultures and people, and discovering herself—all of which she has had the freedom to do during her time at IE University.

Not afraid of taking risks, Gal gives her all to every endeavor she takes on. She is open-minded, enthusiastic, and adapts easily to new situations. She says that studying communication and digital media at IE University has given her the tools to do what she loves, which makes this the best decision she could have made for both her personal and professional future.

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