IEU Experience


Bibiana Eva Bartschova was already working with the family firm in the Czech Republic when she joined IE University’s Bachelor in Behaviour & Social Sciences. Looking for a skill set that would be in demand for any employer and whichever career path she took in the long term, she quickly fell in love with Spain, the institution itself and the people she met along the way.

My name is Bibiana Eva Bartschova. I spent my earliest years studying in the Czech Republic and London, before coming to Spain to expand my skill set. Joining the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences was the start of an exciting journey that has helped me make great strides toward my entrepreneurial ambitions. I graduated from IE University in July 2022; now, I work as a digital marketing manager for Naturprodukt. Since it’s a family firm, I’ve always been involved in its operations but, officially, I’ve been an employee since 2019. Personally, I’ve always believed that the knowledge gleaned from education and the perspective gained from experience can never be taken from me—at IE University, I gained plenty of both.

Why did you choose the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences at IE University?

I liked the courses that the program offered. Also, I loved the university’s approach to students, seeing us as individuals, not just as another number. The campus itself was beautiful and I fell in love with Spain the moment I arrived. One of the things I appreciated most was that the university is prestigious but also economical. Add to that the top-tier quality and experience of the professors and my decision was set.

How did your experience at IE University prepare you for your professional career?

It definitely helped me develop a more entrepreneurial mindset, but also gave me the skills to act on my ideas. I believe that the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences especially gave me a really good skill set that’s well in demand for corporate jobs. Although I decided to go in a different direction, I was already being offered well-positioned jobs during my studies at IE University.

I was offered a job at the European Commission during my capstone project research and, more recently, at a well-recognized consultancy. However, I would say the most valuable benefits were the connections and network that IE University offered me, which have been extremely valuable for my entrepreneurial journey.

Were there any activities or projects you worked on that led to you choosing your current job?

In my second year, we had an amazing project in our Organizational Behavior course. The professor asked us to deliver a real solution to a problem given to us by a real company. We later presented our project to their CEO and managers. This was the moment that sparked my interest in consulting. 

A year later I chose to do an internship at a social impact startup, which turned into a paid job position in my final year. The university was very understanding, allowing me to continue my studies online. This was an amazing opportunity since I was mandated for a consulting job in Dubai, as well as a role in Greece, collaborating with experts from all around the world. 

More than the project or activities, I found the expertise and openness of IE University’s professors very inspiring. We had a professor in our first year, for example, who wrote a book to support his lectures in a fun way through storytelling. We also tackled many out-of-the-box projects, but it was the guidance of our professors that helped us grow and find our paths.

Which skills do you consider are needed to succeed in your field?

I’d say leadership, flexibility and adaptability are essential, as well as a well-honed capacity for teamwork and networking.

What competitive advantage does IE University provide?

There is a very positive response to certain courses during job interviews—data analysis in particular is a great advantage. I also gained presentation skills, as well as extensive career training, which boosted my capacity to market myself and my abilities. Then there’s the prestige of IE University itself, which helps you stand out, as well as both the IE Alumni network and the network you build during your program.

Do you have any advice for IE University students and alumni looking to pursue a career in your field?

My advice would be to use your capstone project as a platform to market yourself and create connections that might develop into competitive job offers later. Additionally, make full use of IE University’s extensive network of professionals.

If someone were considering going to IE University, what would you tell them?

I would definitely recommend it! For those who leverage the opportunity, it is truly a life-changing experience.