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Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences student Guillermo Abengoechea shares why he chose IE University, and how he’s discovered a passion for human behavior.

Read on and understand why many students like Guillermo have chosen to study at IE University and in Segovia, as it offers a vibrant, unique, and international experience like no other.

Students from around the globe come to IE University looking for a different experience that cannot be found at other universities worldwide; they want to participate in an international community where they can discover their vocations and constantly exchange ideas with their peers. Guillermo Abengoechea, a Spanish Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences student, was looking for this unique community without leaving his home country, and encountered that and much more in Segovia. Not only has he been able to form friendships with his classmates from around the world, he has also been able to unveil his passion for conventional psychology.

Where are you from?

I am from Spain, but I have also lived in the UK for a year.

Why did you choose this degree?

At first, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to study. I knew that I liked psychology because I had studied it at school for two years, but I didn’t see myself becoming a conventional psychologist. While carrying out an internship at a very avant-garde consulting company, I stumbled upon the field of behavioral science applied to business. After discovering this whole new world of possibilities, I immediately realized the potential it could have in the workplace and decided that this was the path I was meant to follow.

What do you like most about the degree?

This degree offers a variety of subjects, all of which complement each other in a very modern way. An example of this would be how the degree offers courses such as “Simulating and modeling to understand change” alongside “Fundamentals of Human Behavior”. Furthermore, I also enjoy the interactive nature of the teaching styles used by the professors, all of which challenge us as students and push us out of our comfort zones. This allows for much more entertaining and productive lessons.

Tell us about your experience at IE and whether you have gotten involved with any extracurricular activities (labs, sports, clubs…)

I am part of the IE Skiing Club. This club offers enjoyable trips to the mountains for skiers and snowboarders of any experience level. So far, the club management team has done a fantastic job at collecting feedback and ideas and using them to improve the inner workings of the club itself, as well as its organized trips.  

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Tell us about your experience in Segovia and with the international students.

Living in Segovia has been one of the most enriching experiences of my academic life. Not only is the town great in terms of infrastructure and entertainment, but it’s also great for bringing people together for social activities or group projects. At IE Segovia, close to 80% of all the students are NOT Spanish, and I have personally loved this. By talking to and making friends with people from other countries, you are able to better understand other cultures and traditions, which consequently drives open-mindedness and overall tolerance. In conclusion, I would say that a great part of IE’s essence is its international students.