IEU Experience


Our rich diversity provides an environment that gives our students the international outlook they need to be competitive global professionals.

IE University’s student body is comprised of people from all around the world. Our rich diversity provides an environment that gives our students the international outlook they need to be competitive global professionals. Over 65 percent of our student body comes from outside of Spain, representing more than 100 countries. At IEU, you will be studying alongside a new generation of globally minded individuals destined for greatness.

Here are just some of the friendly faces you’ll see around campus.


“I love working in a creative digital environment and have a passion for copyright law with a focus on music and information”

Abdel-Latif Arouna

Born in Lomé, Togo and raised in Germany, Abdel-Latif Arouna recently graduated from IE University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Laws. He is now channeling his passion for copyright law, music and information technologies, and user experience development into working as a partner at Mandarina Hub Madrid. There, Abdel-Latif helps entrepreneurs create mobile and web applications to solve real-world problems. Pictured here near IEU’s campus in the heart of Madrid’s financial district, he says living in Spain provides a great opportunity to be part of a vibrant start-up scene.

“I truly believe every single citizen of the world is different and unique in their own way”

Faina Tursynova

Faina Tursynova, 19, is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at IE University. Born to a Korean mother and Kazakh father, she had a vibrant, multicultural upbringing. After completing high school in the United States, she chose to study at IEU because she felt that its focus on diversity and constant self-improvement was the best fit for her personality and values. After graduating, she hopes to start a career combining marketing and accounting. The photo was taken in front of the Museo del Prado, one of the most important art museums in the world, located in Madrid.


“Flexibility and adaptability are key to my professional development”

Ignacio Llopis

Barcelona-born Ignacio Llopis, pictured here in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, has traveled more than the average 18-year-old. With six years in São Paulo, Brazil and a period living in Ottawa, Canada, he enjoys a uniquely multicultural outlook on life. At a recent IEU conference, he was given a Daruma doll by Ignacio Silva, CEO of Schweppes in Spain. The doll, which represents goal-setting, has become an important symbol for him as he begins to forge his own professional path. No matter how many times the Daruma is knocked down, it always gets up again.

“I would like to work at an international organization and truly make an impact”

Angela Selzer

21-year-old Angela Selzer, who grew up in Vienna, has just completed her first year studying a Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations. After taking a gap year in Chile after high school, she realized the importance of legal knowledge in order to be able to make a sustainable impact on people’s living situations. She began to study law and politics in her home city, but felt the need for a more international outlook and practice-based approach, which brought her to IE University. She is photographed here on a sunny day at Madrid’s Retiro Park, which belonged to the Spanish royal family until the late 19th century, when it became a public space.

 “I wanted to do a broader university degree in order to discover more fields”

Raquel Salazar

Raquel Salazar is 18 and, although she is Spanish by nationality, considers herself an international citizen after living in Washington D.C., Beijing, and Brasilia. Pictured here outside the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family in Madrid, she has gathered many experiences from the cities she has lived in by adapting to their culture and lifestyle. Her passion lies in marketing, and she aims to use her social and communication skills to work internationally.

**Written by: The Report Company