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We all have heard at some point that doing internships throughout the study years, is essential to make our C.V. stand out from the rest.

We all have heard at some point in our lives that doing an internship in university is essential to make your CV stand out.

It’s not just your CV that will benefit from the right internship. Having the opportunity to explore and test out areas of interest in an internship is a truly invaluable experience. This allows you to discover your passion by shadowing experts in the field, network from within companies, and explore the inner workings of the professional world.

The Bachelor in Architecture at IE University has a global internship program run by the Career Management Center that provides our students the opportunity to have a professional experience at outstanding design firms and companies within the field of architecture in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of the program.

The studios where our students have developed projects represent some of the biggest names in architecture today, such as Zaha Hadid, David Chipperfield, Cloud 9, and Aedes. Since these studios have offices all around the world, participating students will have the chance to embrace new cultural surroundings, and observe a vast array of architectural styles to learn new ways of approaching projects.

In 2015, we had nearly 40 students doing internships in 12 different countries. These are some of the studios where our students interned last year:

Architecture Internships

In this video, Josephine, Jacobo, and Andrés, who did internships in Moscow, Los Angeles, Berlin, and London, reveal interesting insights about their experiences that you might find helpful.