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This key partnership with Amazon strengthens IE University’s strategic commitment to Liquid Learning.

IE University has signed a collaboration agreement with the Amazon company Audible to promote the creation and dissemination of audio content on different academic fields, including audiobooks, podcasts and even articles by the institution’s experts. 

This agreement goes a step further in IE University’s strategic commitment to Liquid Learning, a model that revolutionizes the learning experience by offering students an innovative new educational format. Specifically, students can either attend class in person or remotely connect to screens installed in classrooms—in real time—for the same immersive experience and academic excellence.

The agreement was signed by the university’s in-house publisher, IE University Editorial Knowledge, and encompasses a variety of different activities, such as recording and releasing Audible podcasts on educational and scientific articles by professors, directors and entrepreneurs with experience across a range of sectors. These podcasts will analyze important issues such as the challenges facing smart cities, positive leadership, CSR and millennials, managing diversity in organizations, the future of work, and changes in entrepreneurship maps.


The IE University Editorial Knowledge team is also working to create audiobook versions of important publications, such as Global Leaders by Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, Reinventing Yourself by Mario Alonso Puig, Lo Imprevisible (English: The Unpredictable) by Marta García Aller, Living in the Future by Enrique Dans, TOTEM by Andy Stalman or Chief Wellbeing Officer by Steven MacGregor and Rory Simpson.

Another aspect of this collaboration involves developing short audio courses that take a deeper look at different areas of management, including marketing, talent management and human resources, technology and innovation, strategy, economics, finance and operations, among others.

IE University’s purpose is to promote positive change through education, research and innovation. When it comes to pursuing our mission, we are well aware of the importance of generating knowledge and disseminating our experts’ research” says Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, President of IE University. “This new agreement with Audible lets us reach new audiences while continuing to promote an innovative learning experience” he continues.

According to Juan Baixeras, Country Manager of Audible Spain, “Digital education is the reality for new generations. As for us, we are obsessed with offering the best possible audio content. Our collaboration with IE University will make our exclusive offering more appealing to students across the board.

Microsoft Learn

On another note, IE University has also incorporated Microsoft Learn into its programs. This platform provides knowledge and the chance for students pursuing STEM degrees and other fields to develop their technology skills—skills that are becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. It will give students the opportunity to get certified in technologies such as AI, the Cloud or data.

IE University has also collaborated to provide feedback on Microsoft Learn. Moreover, it has worked to develop new didactic materials that will also be offered to other educational institutions.


Microsoft Learn is a free platform offered by Microsoft that gives people access to training and support for obtaining certifications in the most in-demand digital skills. Jon Oleaga, Professor at IE University’s School of Human Sciences and Technology and an expert on digital transformation, highlights the importance of giving students technical training and the opportunity to earn digital certifications as proof of their skills and advance their careers.

At IE University, we train our students with the goal of accelerating their development as managers. According to LinkedIn, two million new jobs related to digitalization will be created over the next five years. There is a demand for new profiles on the market and we are continuously innovating to address the new challenges facing the business world” Oleaga relates.

IE University has taught joint training sessions hand-in-hand with Microsoft through Azure Lab Services, a tool that makes it possible to create and easily operate a Cloud-based laboratory of preconfigured virtual machines.