In today's world, online learning has taken on a new meaning. Just as the world of work is no longer restricted to office spaces, online courses give students the same flexibility to learn and study remotely.

At IE University, we recognize the high-impact potential of this type of learning – in fact, virtual formats are integrated into the Blended Methodology we use in many of our courses. By combining cutting-edge technology, top teaching methodologies and a world-class faculty, IE University has become a pioneer in online education.

Our experience and specialization in virtual learning has helped us develop a selection of quality, open-access courses, freely available to the IE community via Coursera. These industry-leading programs are ideal for those looking to expand their knowledge and boost their skill set while learning or working remotely. Delivered by top IE University faculty across a range of sectors, members of the IE community can capitalize on these classes to broaden their horizons while boosting their professional outlook.

If you’re looking for some inspiration and are eager to dive into something new, read about some of the free courses we have available below. From artificial intelligence to architecture, there’s certainly no shortage of areas to explore.


Brush up on business essentials

Whatever your field, having an understanding of modern business trends and how companies operate is a fantastic way to sharpen your business savvy. Insights into economics, management and international relations are sure to come in handy in the world of work— whether through direct application or by simply being aware of the bigger picture.

The Globalization, Economic Growth and Stability Specialization is a great place to start. Participants are guided through fundamental principles of economics in both national and international systems, developing the knowledge they need to analyze business opportunities around the globe. By developing the toolkit necessary to read economic data, participants will finish with the ability to make well-informed decisions about personal or workplace investments.

The specialization format used in this program works by combining distance learning with practical projects. Divided into three comprehensive courses that each explore distinct branches of economics, this specialization will give participants the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned by carrying out a hands-on capstone project. Completing a specialization will also earn you a certificate that can be listed on your CV and shared with prospective employers.

If you’re looking for a business course that isn’t quite as heavy on economics, Critical Perspectives on Management is an accessible program that draws on a range of disciplines in the humanities. Over the course of six weeks, this program provides a look into the theory and practice of management both in individual firms and in society as a whole. Upon completion, you’ll have the know-how to remodel the managerial culture of your organization.

Sharpen your tools for digital business

For undergraduates or recent graduates, mastering core digital skills is one of the most valuable assets to have in order to drive change and disruption in the business world. And with a remote, digitally driven setup becoming the predominant way to work, there has never been a better time to start.

For those looking to understand the specifics and learn to harness technology, Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age provides an accessible introduction to intelligence analysis. By learning how to conceive technology through the eyes and mind of an intelligence analyst, participants will secure an early business advantage for themselves.

Even the previously unbending legal sector is feeling the effects of technological advancement. Experts agree that specializing in technologies like blockchain and big data is the definitive way to get ahead in the world of law. IE’s Legal Tech & Startups course explores this critical intersection of law and technology. With these newfound perspectives, participants are guided through the process of kick-starting a Legaltech company. For aspiring entrepreneurs or lawyers, it’s a course that will set you ahead of the pack.

A smart time for marketing

Every business, product and service needs marketing. For that reason, a marketer’s mindset and the skills that come with it can be applied in a wide range of contexts. In order to allow members of the IE community to enhance their business skills, top IE University faculty members have crafted two comprehensive marketing specializations that cover everything under marketing strategy and implementation.

These specializations are each broken down into four courses over a total of six months, giving participants the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Across the Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix Implementation specializations, the key concepts and tools involved in top-tier marketing are explained and brought to life, with hands-on projects included in both specializations. Choose where your marketing skills need a boost, or take these courses together for the ultimate marketing experience.


Let your creativity flow

Regardless of sector, professionals often use creativity to set themselves apart. In fact, according to Forrester, the majority of organizational decision-makers across the world agree that creativity has far-reaching advantages for companies. Individuals can capitalize on creative programs to open their minds, inspiring their next professional move.

Leading faculty from IE Architecture and Design are sharing their creativity with the IE community in the Making Architecture course—an ideal preparation for anyone interested in studying a degree in architecture or simply gaining top sector insights. After a succinct rundown of the tips and tricks used by designers and architects, participants in this program will develop the creative and practical outlook necessary to get started in the field.

Alternatively, Branding: The Creative Journey Specialization is a perfect creative option for those who are more business oriented. Through this highly practical course that challenges participants to exercise their creativity, you’ll learn to build a brand from the ground up through the use of language and images. Four hands-on courses simulate the process behind real branding projects, giving an immersive look into this bustling creative industry.

Take the opportunity to advance your learning journey with one of IE University’s expertly designed online courses. To explore them in more depth, visit Coursera and dive in.