For more than 20 years, Henry Bradford has built a career as an inspiring business leader, specializing in corporate governance, strategy and finance. Ready for a new challenge, Henry recently started a new journey at IE University in his role as associate dean of the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). In this interview, Henry explains everything you need to know about this innovative program, and offers a sneak peek into its exciting future.

Interview with Henry Bradford, Associate Dean of the Bachelor in Business Administration

Please give us a quick description of the program.

The Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University is one of the most innovative and relevant in the world. We are constantly adapting the subjects of the program to the new challenges faced by organizations. And we have a strong link with the business sector globally, which serves as a source for us to provide a highly relevant program.

The program seeks to create a new generation of business professionals ready to lead international organizations.

What is the program structure?

The program is structured as an individual and personalized journey, in which IE University accompanies each student to strengthen their “next best you.” Throughout the program, you will have countless activities, experiences and opportunities to develop skills—both professional and personal—that will make you an excellent professional and human being, willing to generate positive changes in society.

Our teaching model consists of connecting theory with practice across all areas of the program; it’s unique. Our faculty body is made up of the most successful industry experts, who teach students the knowledge and leadership skills required to launch their careers at a global level.

What makes this degree so unique?

This is an innovative and international program that lasts four academic years and teaches students the business, leadership, and management competencies they need in order to have a successful career, either in multinational corporations or starting their own companies.

Regarding innovation, the program is characterized by constant evolution that makes the student’s journey unique and of great value. For example, we offer concentration programs which seek to give students the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and skills in areas such as Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation, Sustainability, Finance & Investment, Strategy & Business Transformation and Business Technology & Analytics, among others.

In this path for innovation that IE University has, we are now implementing the metaverse in the learning processes. I can say that we are one of the first universities in the world to use this tool, which will offer the opportunity for students to be immersed in real/virtual situations that will complement the learning experience and reinforce the academic concepts.

As for the international environment at the university, it can be summed up in the great diversity of student profiles, with more than 120 different nationalities represented. Without a doubt, this results in an international and diverse perspective on situations that are approached in class through cases, practices, experiences, etc. Additionally, this international scenario is fed by the opportunity that students have from the third year on, to have an international experience,such as exchange or internships, among others. We have more than 100 partners in various parts of the world.

Describe the profile of a great Bachelor in Business Administration student.

We are looking for students who are hungry for constant learning, who want to be agents of change for society, and who are aware of the responsibilities they have in their regions.

We are looking for students who are proactive, who take advantage of all the opportunities we offer them, and who want to find the best version of themselves, or the “next best you,” to later impact organizations with purpose.

What job opportunities await graduates of the program?

Our graduates perform successfully in local companies in different regions of the world, as well as in multinational organizations, or even in public entities. Likewise, many graduates start their own businesses. At IE University, we are strongly committed to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among students, which encourages the creativity and curiosity that characterizes all entrepreneurs.