IE University’s most recent Grads Give Back event focused on the consumer goods industry. This interactive webinar was designed to offer alumni and current students interested in the industry insight from our graduates working in the field.

During the event, three IE University graduates shared their stories of the day-to-day as a consumer goods industry professional in their respective companies; P&G, Lavazza and Unilever. They offered advice on how to leverage IE University resources and the alumni community, and described the perks of working in this industry—highlighting the fact that despite the pandemic, the industry is currently hiring. IE University job seekers should consider applying for open positions, and the alumni community is ready and willing to help.

IE University graduate, Nicolás Fernández currently works for P&G. Check out his story and the excellent advice he offered in his Grads Give Back interview.

Nicolás Fernández earned his Bachelor in Business Administration from IE University with the 2019 graduating class. In March of 2020, Nicolás began working at P&G as a sales account manager. His main responsibilities include: building a strong relationship with his clients based on trust and mutual respect, analyzing market trends, obtaining an in-depth understanding of the products offered, negotiating prices and executions, and preparing monthly reports. For Nicolás, each of these responsibilities is an opportunity to continue learning.

Nicolas Fernandez

Learning from inspiring professionals and gaining practical knowledge in the field are a couple of the ways in which IE University prepared Nicolás for his current role. He believes that their focus on hands-on projects, case studies and teamwork is what sets IE University apart from other institutions, especially as these are things he encounters daily, and he felt comfortable implementing them from the start.

In addition to IE University’s unique teaching methodology, Nicolás noted that the Talent & Careers team helped him find and apply for internships and open job positions. He interned at Nike EHQ and gives credit to the career portal and the Talent & Careers team for their help improving his CV and writing an outstanding cover letter. The team also held mock interviews, allowing Nicolás to feel calm and collected in his real interviews.

As Nicolás already went through the academic journey at IE University, he would like to offer current and prospective students a bit of alumni advice. He wants to encourage students to use all of the resources offered at IE, and tell them not to be afraid to ask for help from University staff and even alumni. IE University alumni are always open to offering advice and giving suggestions, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Build a strong network and connect with as many people as you can—you never know what doors can be opened.


Nicolás notes that he wishes he’d known how important it is to practice leadership skills while studying at IE University. He urges current students to take the lead in projects, and be responsible, professional and attentive to detail in everything you do. He advises that the sooner you start working on these skills, the better prepared you will be to enter into the professional world. Additionally, Nicolás encourages you to work on your weaknesses—now is the time to do it. Try to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in areas where you see you can improve the most.

IE University would like to thank Nicolás for his time and advice, and wish him luck on his continued professional path. The IE University alumni community is second to none, and this is showcased through events such as Grads Give Back. If you’d like to join the next Grads Give Back: Graduate Program edition, click here to register!