IE University´s Library is using the COVID-19 era to reinvent itself as the academic and social learning space it has always been.

The closure of the world’s leading universities due to the coronavirus included the closure of university libraries. These gateways to knowledge also serve as the heart of social life on many campuses, where students don’t only spend hours doing homework and studying, but also networking or even meeting their future partners or business associates.

IE University’s library has been offering its vast collection online for years via its Virtual Library—and now, IE Library has launched a Virtual Study Space. Belén Real, associate director of marketing and training, tells us more about the Virtual Study Space:

IE Library

What is the Virtual Study Space?

The Virtual Study space is an area where students can connect with other members of the IE Community, allowing them to share knowledge through collaborative work and study sessions. This project is part of our transformation into a sustainable library that promotes liquid learning

How is it set up?

The study sessions are divided into blocks of 50 minutes of silent work with a 10-minute break where students can interact with other users using their microphones. The chat feature can be used publicly or privately during the entire session to ask the librarian questions or to write to other connected users.

Who monitors the study room?

The study room is monitored at all times by an expert librarian, with whom students may chat to ask any questions related to library resources. Through this platform, we offer the students an environment in which they can manage their studies, ask questions, exchange knowledge and socialize with fellow members of the IE Community.

How do students access it?

The students can access the Virtual Study Space from the Virtual Library. The link, usage information and the schedule can all be found at https://library.ie.edu/en/Home.

study space

Why should students take advantage of this new platform?

The current landscape is changing, causing hybrid sessions to prevail as many students are off campus. Thanks to the Virtual Study Space, students can still experience the social environment usually offered by the library and the campus. Getting to know other members of the IE Community is about expanding class boundaries by virtually connecting with colleagues and faculty who they would not be able to meet unless they came to campus. It is a virtual social and academic environment that allows students to ask questions to our library experts in the moment—especially those about online resources available at the library—and get some tips on how to be organized when studying.