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Moving to university is an exciting time in your life and planning your student housing ahead of time is sure to make the settling-in process easier and faster. IE University offers many different options, including residence halls and student apartments. As you weigh up your accommodation options, rest assured that whichever you choose, you will be comfortable, safe and at ease in the wonderful city of Segovia.

We spoke with two IE University students, Fatima and Pamir, about the differences between residence halls and student apartments. Read on for some advice from these two as they share their personal experiences with both housing options.

Life in a residence hall

Pamir, who is studying the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences, chose to stay in a residence hall for his first year due to the social aspect of being close to fellow students. He enjoyed that he didn’t have to cook or clean for the most part, so he could focus more on his studies. 

“Ultimately, this would give me more time to socialize and be outside as well. At our residence hall, we tend to go out together for food or to hang out, but we also have board game nights occasionally, which is quite fun and bonding.”

Pamir, Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences student

Lots of students choose the residence hall option due to the convenience and the added resource of residence staff and organized events so that you can kick back after class stress-free. Pamir shared, “I know that I could always count on the residence staff for virtually anything I needed. Some other benefits that I’ve personally seen are that I don’t have to pay any utility bills, which gives me peace of mind.”

Another attraction of residence hall living is the proximity to friends but also having the freedom you need as a student. Pamir shared that “everyone runs on their own schedule—we feel quite independent but also interdependent at the residence.” Residence hall life is a perfect stepping stone between living at home and living on your own.

No matter which housing option you choose, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and share new experiences. “As Segovia is a very close-knit community, you meet almost everyone at some point. It doesn’t really matter if you are living at the residence or an apartment coming here. I thought it was a really small, historic town, but there’s something new going on here every day and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the new events,” Pamir pointed out.

IE University Segovia Campus | Student Apartments vs Residence: Make Your Call

Life in a student apartment

Fatima, originally from Morocco, is in her first year of the Bachelor of Laws. She chose to stay in student apartments from the get-go. “I’m a person who really enjoys privacy and really likes to have alone time,” she shared, adding, “I didn’t want people to cook or clean for me. I wanted to do that myself in order to grow as an adult and grow as a person.” 

For students who cherish alone time, privacy, and doing things their way, student apartments may be the way to go. It also is a great option for those who prioritize cooking, like Fatima: “I spend most of my time in the kitchen. I’m Moroccan, so I brought all my spices from back home. I feel like having an equipped kitchen with all the facilities that I use is really essential for me.”

If you’re leaning towards apartment life but are worried about the search for a flat, don’t worry. IE University’s Beyond Campus platform assists IE University students in finding curated apartments from start to finish, taking into account your particular preferences. It was also founded by IE University MBA alumni who understand the importance of good, reliable and safe accommodation that is easy to find. 

At the core of every IE University student is a desire to be part of a global community. Most students want a close-knit community but also a touch of adventure. Fatima’s reasons for choosing the Segovia campus highlight exactly that.

“I wanted to have easy access to people, to integrate myself into the community, and then go to Madrid for broader options.” 

Fatima, Bachelor of Laws student

Whether you choose a residence hall or a student apartment, Segovia is the perfect place to spend your years at IE University. It affords you with all the charms of a smaller town, yet cosmopolitan Madrid is just a quick train ride away. 

At IE University, we work with you to make your experience with us the best it can be. To learn more about your accommodation options, check out our Living in Segovia page. Your Segovian life at IE University awaits.