IEU Experience


Irene Pérez is a second-year Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations student. She chose to come to IE University thanks to the immense number of opportunities available to students. One of these opportunities was the chance to participate in the Women in Alliance Conference in Oxford, UK.

We caught up with Irene to hear about her experience as part of the initiative and to learn more about what the Women’s Society Alliance has offered her so far. 

IE University’s employability and international community were also key factors in Irene’s choice to study her program at the institution. As someone who has grown up abroad, she believed that IE University would provide the perfect opportunity to return to her home country and be immersed in the international community that she has grown to love.
The Women’s Society Alliance is another international community that Irene took the opportunity to dive into. 

For Irene, the Women’s Society Alliance is an organization that connects Women in Business club leaders from across Europe—something not only incredibly important but also one of the most motivating aspects of her university experience. The IE Women in Business Club has given Irene a chance to meet some of the female leaders of the future, and has taught her about networking, corporate relations and communication in a way that she could not have learned through theory in a classroom. Her participation has also provided her with an international community of friends. 

Aside from building her global network, Irene enjoys learning about what other women in business and international relations are passionate about. Her own interests are very diverse so she loves hearing about other people’s ambitions and seeing if they spark anything inside of her as well. In particular, Irene enjoys hearing about her peers’ passions, what they read and watch and who inspires them. Their experiences open her eyes to a world of new possibilities. 

Irene’s membership with the Women’s Society Alliance enables her to get the most out of her degree and advance with her desired career path. She is incredibly ambitious, and has even considered that she may be too ambitious at times. However, the Women’s Society Alliance has taught her that no ambition is too big. While her ideas may not always work out how she wants them to, she has learned that trying is the first step to success. 

While the Women’s Society Alliance has built itself up to unite hundreds of people, it was once just an idea. From the individual goals of each woman Irene has met to the success of the organization in general, Irene has never been more inspired to pursue what her curiosity desires.

Irene was invited and funded to attend the Women in Alliance Conference in Oxford by IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs and the Bachelor in Business Administration. During the roundtable talk, she witnessed firsthand how the Women’s Society Alliance is vital in business and global markets. She participated in a stimulating discussion concerning the importance of the Women’s Society Alliance as a platform to unite women who inspire and work alongside one another. 

Irene explained that many women find business a challenging industry, whether that be because it is traditionally male-dominated or because of the color of their skin. This can make the working world particularly lonely. Irene shared with us that she has heard more stories of women backing out of their STEM careers because of the sheer number of demeaning comments from men than stories of triumph in the sector. 

The Women’s Society Alliance works to close this sad reality and provide women with a platform to share their victories and support one another. The organization teaches women before they join the corporate world that even if they feel alone, there is an army of women behind them every step of the way. 

Irene highlights that it is economically important that women are in all sectors of business because the world needs innovation and innovation needs women.