Maricarmen Martinez is an undergraduate student at IE University from Toronto, Canada. She is entering her third year in the Bachelor of Business Administration program. During the academic year, Maricarmen enjoys her extracurricular work with the Women in Business Club and IE Consulting Club where she was recently elected president. This summer, Maricarmen pursued a summer internship at TD Securities based in her home city.

Since beginning my studies in Business Administration at IE University, professional development has been a key area where I have focused my efforts. By being proactive, I have worked hard to understand the key drivers for career development. Not only does this include sharpening my understanding of the financial and banking sectors, but also honing my ability to build networks. I have participated in various networking initiatives over the last two years at IE University and beyond—from recruitment events to professional development programs.

In the summer of 2021, I began getting exposure to the business world through my internship in investment banking with Scotiabank in Chile where I was exposed to some of the most relevant product and industry teams. The internship also gave me the perfect opportunity to live in the beautiful city of Santiago. Without a doubt, this experience confirmed my interest in a career in finance and motivated me to do the appropriate planning to effectively pursue an internship opportunity for summer 2022.

Before recruitment season began, I realized that I wanted to become more familiar with the key players and business areas within the banking sector. In pursuit of this goal, networking with industry professionals became essential. I believe this approach helped me to gain valuable insight and perspective. Also, I kept my resume and cover letters up to date, ensuring that I was always prepared to seize opportunities at a moment’s notice.

My current summer internship at TD Securities has been a real professional game-changer for me. I initially learned about the internship opportunity through the Women in Leadership University Mentorship program and by actively keeping up with new opportunities on the company website. The application process was well-defined and in line with the standards followed by leading financial institutions globally.

Fast forward and now I’m working with an experienced team of professionals in the Asset Securitization Group at TD Securities. Every day, I arrive at the office feeling eager to learn something new and support the team. I have had the opportunity to work with my team in various transactions involving large Canadian and US companies.

This internship has allowed me to meet professionals in various groups within the bank and learn more about the industry. It is providing me the perfect opportunity to better understand the finance industry and build crucial career skills, in addition to broadening both my professional and personal networks. 

To share some advice with others applying for internship opportunities, it is critical to understand the industry that you are interested and to have a networking plan within the industry. It’s important to build relationships with junior and senior professionals who can offer insight into both the sector and company of interest.

As you go through your efforts of career development and recruiting, please remember that you are not alone. The Talent & Careers Department at IE University can provide you guidance as you go through your career development efforts. This team is there to support students throughout of their university career and studies.

My Experience at IE University

During the academic year, I’m an active part of the extracurricular scene at IE University. Since my first year, I’ve been part of the IE Consulting Club Board. This has given me the opportunity to learn more about consulting, all while enjoying various mentorship opportunities within the club. I have built relationships with undergraduate and masters students, in addition to the Talent & Careers and Campus Life professionals.

Recently, I was elected as the president of the IE Consulting Club and I’m looking forward to making a long-lasting impact through this role. Aligned with the club’s values, I am not only excited to learn and deliver for my team, but also the IE University community as a whole.

I also became an ambassador for the Women in Business Club last semester and will begin a new role as the Outreach Coordinator in September 2022. In working with this team, my goal is to continue building a strong community and provide students with unique learning and networking opportunities, all while planning and delivering valuable events.

All in all, my time so far at IE University has been very enriching and beneficial for my professional development. The students and faculty, my involvement with clubs, access to the Talent & Careers team and strong academic foundations have prepared me to progress in the business world. My planning, networking efforts and timely execution continue to open up a whole new world of opportunity.