Choosing the right university is a big decision, especially during a global pandemic. At IE University, we’re here to help. Not only do we give you the flexibility to customize your education, but our COVID-19 safety measures are second to none.

The global pandemic forced us to put a lot of things on hold—your education, however,  shouldn’t be one of them. With innovation at the core, we have gone above and beyond to implement health protocols to ensure that our campus is safer than ever before.

Your health is as important as your university experience, and We Are Ready highlights the measures we are taking and highlights the latest news on what’s going on around you. The required use of our COVID-19 Tracer Web App keeps us updated on your health and the health of those with whom you’ve been in contact. Rapid antigen testing, thermographic cameras, staggered schedules and seating, and the mandatory use of masks provide an additional layer of protection to anyone who steps on campus.


With safety in mind, our Liquid Learning methodology lets you decide what makes you feel most comfortable. Whether you want to attend in-person or online sessions, our strategically placed video conference technology makes it possible to feel fully immersed no matter where you are. Life flows naturally, and Liquid Learning follows its pattern.

If our safety measures and personalized approach haven’t convinced you yet, here are just a few more reasons why you should choose IE University.

Take advantage of a student-focused approach

Starting university is an exciting time in life, but it can also be an adjustment. We understand that, and that’s why we’re here for you from the get-go. Our personalized, student-centered approach makes sure that you feel supported both in and out of the classroom. We integrate new students into the IE Community by providing student mentors, academic tutors, and advisors throughout your time at the university. We value what makes you unique, and our guidance is meant to help you shape your own path.

Thrive in an international environment

IE University is known for its diversity—more than 75% of our students are from abroad, representing over 130 countries. With such an international student body, you can take part in vibrant classroom discussions and make friends from around the world. Plus, this global mindset is exactly what today’s leading companies are looking for. What’s more, the international exposure doesn’t stop on campus. At IE University, our students are given the opportunity to study abroad or complete an internship with one of our prestigious partners. Whether or not you add another country to your list, you can gain a world of experience throughout your studies.


Learn from outstanding faculty

Diversity isn’t just limited to our students. Our faculty is made up of over 500 professors, all with a unique story to share. They are world leaders in their fields and are here to help support your personal and professional growth through daily interaction and regular feedback. While you develop your professional network, our staff is also prepared to assist you in your journey. As leading companies look to IE University for recruitment, the IE Talent & Careers team will connect you to the right organizations for your dream career.

Gain real-world experience

IE University continues to rank among the top ten universities worldwide for innovation in technologies and teaching. Our courses are designed to prepare you for any challenge in the working world. We also recognize that students learn differently, and our teaching methodologies ensure that you get the most out of your education. From day one, put your learning into practice with real-life case studies, projects, and group work. In your later university years, we encourage you to dive deeper into the world of work with a wide range of internship opportunities that will help you develop new skills and stand out as a recent graduate.


Forge your own path

If you’re unsure about your future, IE University will help you explore new paths and ways of thinking. Our flexible, personalized degree programs allow you to discover and pursue your passions. Designed around four key pillars—innovation, entrepreneurship, academic rigor, and the humanities—we push you to think beyond the conventional and dive into the unknown. And because we’re recognized by prestigious associations around the world, a degree from IE University puts you in the driver’s seat of your success.

Become part of a lifelong community

Attending university is not only about academics but also about experiencing student life. With our vibrant campus life in the heart of Spain, there’s always something to do. Whether you join one of over 100 clubs or attend one of our campus events, you can enrich your experience based on your personal interests. What’s more, if you join us in Spain, you can explore the country and culture with your new international friends. Our community doesn’t stop at graduation. As an IE University graduate, you will join a network of over 45,000 alumni worldwide. Being part of this active community means having lifelong connections to rely on throughout your professional career.

IE University can guide you toward your ideal future—we’d love to see you here.