IEU Experience


At IE University, we strive to provide as much information and as many opportunities as possible to help our students get their foot in the door of any career they want.

Our global alumni event, Grads Give Back, brings together trailblazers from our Alumni Community for a chance to share how their experiences at IE University have contributed to their success. Through this opportunity, our graduates highlight lessons from the real world of work and inspire the next generation of IE University changemakers. The initiative includes a series of different events focused on specific career paths, including law.

The most recent Grads Give Back: Law Edition event brought together four alumni panelists from various bachelor’s and dual degree programs for an illuminating conversation about their careers in public policy and law. They shared how their IE Experience shaped them into the professionals they are today.

Drawing on their unique backgrounds and perspectives, the four panelists shared insights on life behind-the-scenes in different legal and public policy roles—including at a law firm, government ministry, startup, strategic consulting firm and the legal department of a large, international luxury goods company. The conversation also covered their academic and extracurricular activities at IE University and beyond, including their further study. The virtual event was attended by undergraduate students, other alumni and prospective students.

We caught up with Pepe López-Rúa Taboada, one of the panelists, to find out how his professional journey has progressed since graduating from IE University.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Pepe López-Rúa Taboada and I’m from Madrid. At IE University, I studied the Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations and graduated in 2021. After IE University, I completed a postgraduate diploma in EU Competition Law. I’m currently working as an EU Policy Consultant at Flint Global, where I advise clients across a wide array of sectors on EU policy developments.

During your program, did you receive any support from professors, advisors or IE Talent & Careers?

IE Talent & Careers was always extremely accessible and offered authoritative advice on applications and job prospects specific to my goals and professional ambitions. Whether it be through help with applications or advertising new job opportunities, they were very helpful both during and after my studies at IE University.

What’s more, my professors were always willing to share the expertise and industry insights that they have gained in the course of their careers, as well as what they had learned alongside their teaching. Learning from industry experts who are also actively working in the field is only one of the elements that set IE University’s teaching faculty apart from the rest.

How did you get to where you are today?

While I was still studying for my dual degree at IE University, I joined a Madrid-based micromobility startup called Voi Technology; so I started my professional journey quite early on. I naturally gravitate towards cross-national Public Policy so, at Voi, I gradually took on a more Europe-centric role as opposed to a national one, where I covered policy initiatives in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium. This led me to where I am today as it was a natural step for me to relocate to Brussels in pursuit of a career in EU affairs.

What would you recommend to current IE University students who also want to start working right after graduating?

Think strategically! Do not make big career decisions to tick a box. Do a graduate program if you know you want to specialize in a specific area, or join the professional world if you would prefer to gain some experience and take a break from studying.

We are only at the very start of our professional journey so we are allowed to backtrack and make mistakes—as long as we use the lessons to shape the next stage of our careers.